A leading global energy company faced significant challenges in managing fragmented safety processes and inefficient data management across its vast operations. To address these issues, we embarked on a project to implement SafeLife 3.0, using the advanced capabilities of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).

Our tasks involved integrating various safety modules, optimizing system performance, and revamping the user interface to ensure a seamless and intuitive experience. We utilized SAP UI5 for user interface development, SAP Analytics Cloud for advanced data visualization and analytics, and SAP CPI for seamless integration across different systems. Additionally, mobile applications were developed using Flutter, enabling on-the-go management and accessibility.

A key enhancement in this project was the implementation of the SafeTravel (EHSM Extension) feature, which optimizes safe travel by allowing the Journey coordinator to schedule and manipulate journeys and notify users if they are heading to the wrong destination. This enhancement also includes offline access to the MYACCESS application, ensuring users can manage their travel even without internet connectivity.

By consolidating safety processes into a single platform, we improved real-time data insights, streamlined incident management, and enhanced compliance. The integration with AI cameras and geospatial data facilitated proactive safety measures, while the centralized dashboard provided comprehensive visibility into key performance indicators.

The result is a robust and efficient safety management system that supports Saudi Aramco’s commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards. The SafeLife 3.0 solution not only addresses current challenges but also future-proofs safety operations, ensuring continuous improvement and fostering a proactive safety culture.

Download our case study to learn more about how SafeLife 3.0, powered by SAP BTP, is transforming safety management at Saudi Aramco.

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