Work Environment

Work Environment

“It’s about attracting the top talent, fostering
a creative environment, assisting with innovation and
focusing on retention”

The work environment is an important pre-requisite to a motivated workforce. A happy, positive work environment is more
conducive to employee growth and is a sign that the organization truly cares about its employees.

At Kaar Tech, we believe in creating the perfect work environment. One that fosters friendships, laughter, and memories.
Not just through the good times, we believe in being present for our employees through their turbulent times as well.
Our employees matter and we steadfastly strive to build a Great Place to Work; a place everyone,
regardless of their identity, can call ‘Home’.

Kaar Tech – every Kaarian’s 2nd Home

Our employees feel that Kaar Tech is a safe place to work. We have numerous Policies and systems in place like the KICC Policy, Odd Hour Commute Policy, Leave Policy 2.0, MTM E-Connect, Skip Level Meetings etc, to ensure that our people are always safe and secure within the organization.

While safety is a priority, we also ensure that our employees have the space to be their most authentic selves within the organization. In doing so, we ensure an effective work-life balance and promote a fun workplace with lots of recreational games and activities. We also have a special Rewards & Recognition System in place where every employee is recognized for their efforts and contributions across all levels of the organization.

Does it sound interesting? Do you want to know more about every Kaarian’s day-to-day experience?

Read on to find out!

Lively Work Environment

“When you have fun, it changes all the pressure into pleasure.”

Our employees spend much of their time in these open bays contributing to a very fun and interactive environment. To make the space their own, our employees embellish their work desks with meaningful possessions that are of tremendous importance to them.

Kaar Recognition Series

“Rendering the Pat of Appreciation you Deserve!”

At Kaar Tech, we have a “Rewards and Recognition” series to encourage our employees by highlighting the work they do and acknowledging the efforts they put in their day-to-day activities.

Team Outings

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

Team outings are a fun way to strengthen bonds between employees and cultivate the tenets of team spirit, teamwork, and togetherness. In doing so, we also enable our employees to maintain an effective and healthy work life balance. Our Team Outings are not confined just to a team lunch or dinner but also include frequent one day trips to nearby resorts- where our employees can spend quality time with each other. This in turn enables our employees to take pride in being a Kaarian and helps them be comfortable in who they are.

Enthusiastic Webinars

“Let your enthusiasm be contagious!”

While it is important to have fun, it is equally imperative that we remain up to date with what’s happening within the organization. This is why Thursdays at Kaar Tech are dedicated to Webinars where experts in their fields are invited to address the employees over the course of an hour. Sometimes, our own employees too, are provided platforms to showcase their talents and demonstrate that there is a life outside of the 9-5. These Webinars provide a much needed change of scene covering a wide variety of subjects with some of our Webinars also centred around music, mind-reading and magic!

Thrilling Tournaments

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”

Currently, we’re a family of 1000+ individuals who are encouraged to develop not just their professional expertise but also their personal flair and passion in arenas such as arts, sports, dance, music, and so on. So far, we have hosted Football Tournaments, TT Tournaments, Badminton Tournaments, Cricket Tournaments, Carrom Tournaments to help our employees freely pursue their passions on the side.

Open Door Policy

At Kaar Tech, we follow an Open-door Policy. Any employee, no matter their experience, age or skill, has the privilege of walking directly into the Management Team Members’ cabins to put forth their grievances and voice their concerns about operations in the organization. Their feedback is taken seriously, and new initiatives are implemented to target areas of concern and improve employee experience.

On the whole, people are at the centre of everything we do!

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