Kaar Tech

About Kaar Tech

Founded by a group of 4 Entrepreneurs
and friends,

Maran N, Selvakumar M, Ratnakumar N and George Gaurdian; Kaar Tech began its journey as a pureplay
SAP expertise in the year 2005. Since then, we have come a long way helping businesses grow exponentially in the era of digital ubiquity!

What’s in a name?

A name as powerful as the transformation we bring !

‘Kaar’ means ‘Rain’ and is derived from the word ‘Kaar Megham’
(Rain Cloud) – which portrays the dense life sustaining monsoon clouds that descend as millions of immaculate raindrops
which in turn nurture nature’s bounty. This name represents how thousands of Digital Transformation Experts like
Raindrops descend from the Rain Cloud that is Kaar Tech to nurture business transformation, growth, and profitability for
enterprises of all sizes in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.


The Kaar Tech logo consists of a pair of raindrops placed above the visual of a ripple wave. The first approaching raindrop is orange in color to depict optimism.

The second raindrop and ripple is maroon in color to depict vitality, prosperity and growth – which is the ultimate consequence of the interaction.

About Kaar Tech

This represents how Kaar Tech interacts with optimism towards
people – employees, clients, partners, or investors, and how that creates a
ripple effect towards their own growth and prosperity.

Global Presence

Our established network of offices, partners, and distributors in key markets around the
world ensure to provide the best for our customers across the globe.

Man Years of
SAP Experience


To be the most Dependable and
Trustworthy partner in our customer’s
Digital Transformation journey
by providing Best in class Products,
Services and Execution.


To remain a socially responsible
corporate entity, which will instill a sense of
pride, joy and accomplishment, in every facet
of its interaction, to everyone associated,
be it the employees, customers, vendors or

Creating ripples
in the Digital wave

Our Global Consultancy laid its first foot in the Middle East where we signed our first-ever million-dollar
project in KSA and won the Best SAP implementation as well!


A decade down the line, Kaar Tech
had already made its
establishments in 5+ global
locations, become a 650+ employee
organization, obtained the Cloud
VAR partnership for the APAC
region, achieved our highest order
book value of 20 million USD, and
also launched our indigenous
fully operational cloud – the
KCloud (Kaar Cloud)


Our uphill journey did deterministically
overcome the steep of GCC crisis in 2015. Yet,
with unspoken perseverance and focus,
the new strategies devised by our leaders
helped us expand beyond boundaries and invest
in innovative IPs like KTERN and KEBS to
rechannel our success pathway!


Just like a phoenix, Kaar Tech
made a phenomenal comeback
and has since helped many clients
revamp their business models
into more scalable and sustainable
delivery models. Kaar Tech has achieved
icant resilience after the dip,
through robust
sales outfits we increased
wallet shares and shaped the
Western and
Market Expansion.


Kaar Tech has achieved a significant resilience after the dip, through robust sales outfits, increased wallet shares from other industry verticals, and shaped the Western and APAC Market Expansion.

Along the way, we have also developed our indigenous solutions KTern.AI, KEBS and Kupex, to deliver robust cadence and governance mechanisms for improved Project Management.

What we do to

Progress in the Pursuit
of Excellence

We are now extremely proud to announce that Kaar Tech is now 3500+
employees strong and have built 5 indigenous solutions (KEBS, KTern.AI, KUPEX,
Much like our motto “In Pursuit of Excellence”, we have won 25+
SAP Awards for our Delivery Excellence in 15+ global locations by
offering SAP Digital Transformation Consultations and Services.

Kaar Tech’s solution portfolio exquisitely offers Cloud, Analytics, IoT,
Blockchain, RPA, AI/ML, ERP, Supply Chain, HCM, Procurement,
and Mobility
by pioneering SAP’s digital offerings and our indigenous innovations.

We, the family of Kaar Tech, are perennially in search of knowledge in our
quest to impact businesses and make a difference by touching the
lives of everyone associated!

Our Partners

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Your Dependable & Trustworthy Partner

We show up! We make a Difference!

Utilizing the latest trends and technologies, our team of experts ensures to deliver best-in-class products and services for your business.