Learning & Development

Learning & Development

With growing technologies and the need to upskill and reskill employees increasing by the day, it becomes necessary to bridge the gap between Learning and Development.

It also becomes important to enrich one’s skills and knowledge, stay up-to-date, and move forward in one’s career. Continuous learning has also been shown to increase employee morale, job satisfaction and sense of self-worth. We, at Kaar Tech, have a dedicated Department that is in charge of giving employees the chance to learn new skills, enjoy what they do, manage large teams, and assist in business operations. In general, Learning is specifically concerned with the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Development is the broadening and deepening of one’s knowledge in accordance with one’s developmental objectives.

The Learning and Development (L&D) Department is a subset of Human Resources (HR) and the main objective of this Department is to help employees grow and develop their knowledge, abilities and skills which in turn helps in improving our organization’s overall business performance. The ultimate goal of L&D is to set learning goals for all our employees and help them achieve their goals, both personally and professionally.

Generally, L&D is responsible for the onboarding of campus and lateral hires, providing functional, technical and behavioural training, creating corporate university internship programs, leadership development programs and skill-based training. In addition, they also define an employee’s career roadmap through their journey at Kaar Tech, so they always know what lies ahead. The L&D Team is also responsible for identifying training gaps and developing employee training programmes that are in line with our organization’s overall business strategy.

We, at Kaar Tech, believe that a great way to close skill gaps, enhance workplace culture, boost employee engagement is through the Learning and Development (L&D) Department. Click here to meet our L&D Team.

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