Learning & Development

Take your career

to new heights

with our innovative

L&D initiatives!

Learning is in our DNA. We commit to offering our people opportunities
to acquire new skills and strengthen their readiness to advance into
new roles. At Kaar Tech, we offer a range of Learning and Development
initiatives, including mentorship programs, leadership development
training, and opportunities for continued education.

Our employees have access to cutting-edge resources and technology
to enhance their skills, as well as a supportive and collaborative work
environment to encourage their professional growth.

L&D initiatives

Our Objectives
to Build Your Career

Why we
enforce employee

at the heart of Kaar Tech’s Development?
Build Your Career


from Employees by enhancing
their skills and helping them
get a better understanding
of their work.

Address Weaknesses
Within The Company

by bridging the skills gap and
reducing the weak links within
the company.

Increased Employee

as they now have access to
those resources which was
not available to them


with the new-found
knowledge as they are able
to do the same task without
any guidance

Reduce Turnover
of Staff

by investing in their
talent and making them
feel valued.

What does the L & D
Department do ?

The Learning and Development (L&D) department is a subset of the
Human Resources (HR) and the main objective of this department is to focus
on helping employees grow and develop their knowledge, abilities, and skills which in turn helps in improving our entire organization’s overall business

The ultimate goal of the L&D is to set learning goals for all our employees
onboarded as campus recruits or lateral hires and help them achieve a better state both personally and professionally.

About 80% of the people at Kaar Tech are direct campus hires & the
rest are lateral hires.

Typically, L&D takes all initiatives, including

What’s New in the Arena?

Introducing the Learning Manaagement System

A learning management system (LMS) is an “online education hub” that provides a large and indispensable
set of features to efficiently support teaching and learning activities for all our employees at Kaar Tech. As a part of
this initiative, we have planned to roll out this LMS to our entire organization in various phases, each having
modules and videos of what content has been shared.

The easiest way
to track is using an LMS
for tracking employee
learning. Here are the main
benefits of our LMS


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