Corporate Planning Solution

Maintaining assets and managing the workforce made easier than before

This solution helps enterprises create strategic plans, manage manpower,
plan salary expenses, and govern daily tasks to run a business. This solution
gathers and projects live data from the SAP S/4HANA and the SAP SuccessFactors
system which helps make changes regarding manpower.

Benefits and Features

Data-Driven Strategic Planning

Formulate better strategies for CAPEX and OPEX planning using a logical, systematic approach to set up a sense of direction and increase efficiency, market share, and profitability.

Transparency-Driven Operational Planning

Draw a clear picture of different teams/departments along with their headcount, attrition, new hire plans, salary forecasts, budget, responsibilities, and tasks towards the business goals & objectives contained within the Strategic Plan

Stable and Sustained Growth

Establish a foundation from which an enterprise can grow, evaluate its success, compensate its employees, and establish boundaries for efficient decision-making.

Enable easier decision making

Support and guide the management in the right direction for easier and faster decision making, through efficient CAPEX and OPEX planning with accurate predictions on the assets and workforce-related expenses.

Manage assets efficiently

View, edit, or create new assets in the analytics application for better reporting and management of the assets. With this, the reporting is made easier and the plan for the future assets requirements can be planned easily.

Calculate depreciation of assets

Compare different assets and calculate the depreciation values of assets to plan the capital expenditure, which in turn helps to save tax and help to procure right assets.

Plan your OPEX efficiently

The day-to-day expenses a company incurs to keep its business operations can be rent, utilities, salaries, pension plan contributions, etc. are planned here. By this, the costs incurred can be immensely saved over time.

Plan the salary and forecast the staffing expense

Create a detailed and accurate wage plan in real-time to forecast the staffing expenses based on your live workforce data. Change the expenses in the live system and see how it affects the overall expenditure.

Manage headcount effectively

Manage the headcount, monitor attrition, devise recruitment strategies and budget for all the above activities for the company based on the business requirements.

Plans and Pricing

All Plans include Rapid development in 6 weeks Include product subscription for 1 year for 1 planning, Predictive, Professional edition user and 10 Planning, Predictive standard edition users

CAPEX and OPEX Planning

USD 61,350 .00

One Time

  • OPEX planning dashboard
  • CAPEX planning analytical application
  • Includes 10 Standard edition users
  • Includes 1 Professional edition user
Operation Planning

USD 61,350 .00

One Time

  • Analytical application for Headcount Planning
  • Analytical application for Salary Planning
  • Includes 10 Standard edition users
  • Includes 1 Professional edition user
CAPEX & OPEX Planning + Operation planning

USD 80,556 .00

One Time

  • PM Dashboard with Actual, Analytical Application and Simulation scenarios.
  • OPEX planning dashboard
  • CAPEX planning analytical application
  • Analytical application for headcount and salary planning
  • Includes 10 Standard edition users
  • Includes 1 Professional edition user

Technical Information


Solution Types: Extensions and Add-ons Category: Human Capital Management/Core HR and Payroll Works with:
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

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