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Business Technology Platform

Customers rely on the Cloud to help them achieve business resilience, evolve into a leading digital organization, and achieve continuous, sustainable growth. Given this, there is a wild rush to the cloud in the commercial sector.

In their hurry to remain competitive, organizations find themselves at various phases of the cloud adoption journey, with some flourishing and others still trying to make sense of their investments.

sap business technology platform

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20+ successful projects
15+ satisfied customers
60+ specialized consultants
  • 20+ successful projects
  • 15+ satisfied customers
  • 60+ specialized consultants
  • Provide businesses with tools and capabilities to gain insights into their operations.
  • Secures businesses’ data and meets compliance requirements with a broad range of security features and certifications.
  • Reduces businesses’ environmental impact and helps them operate sustainably by providing a number of features and services.

  • Marketing​ Cloud: SAP Marketing Cloud provides a basis for personalized marketing campaigns and ensures company branding and messaging are uniform across all channels. Using the solution and the help of advanced analysis methods and machine learning, SAP Marketing Cloud has many features and functions that can help you understand your customers and tailor your campaigns to suit them.

  • Sales Cloud: Empower your sales team to engage with customers throughout the buying journey in a more meaningful way.​ SAP Sales Cloud includes many features that guide your customer from first contact to product selection to payment and aftersales.

  • Commerce Cloud: SAP Commerce Cloud consolidates all data, on all channels, for all customers. Personalized discounts, delivery addresses, and preferred payment methods – are all stored to ensure a seamless customer journey. No matter where an employee accesses an account, they receive a clear overview of real-time data in user-friendly dashboards.

  • Service Cloud: SAP Service Cloud offers a service model based in the cloud that can be used on any device, no matter where your engineers are in the field. With access to product details, repair history, and stock information on new parts that may be required, your technicians deliver efficient services and accurate, up-to-date information to the customer.

  • Customer Data Cloud: SAP Customer Data Cloud allows you to centrally govern customer data and provides consolidated customer profiles, complete with consent management for each customer-facing line of business. This helps all departments enhance performance and improve security, personalization, and trust.

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Database and Data Management: Store, access, process, integrate, and interpret all pertinent information in your landscape to manage and use data as quickly as your business requires.

Analytics: Utilize the SAP Analytics Cloud to collect data from your operational systems, data warehouses, and data lakes, and integrate it with outside market data or spreadsheets from third parties.

Application Development and Integration: Provides the information you need to innovate, expand, and integrate agile business processes in cloud and hybrid scenarios. To meet your company’s demands, you can quickly combine several systems, expand your present application, or develop brand-new solutions.

Intelligent Technologies: Automate complicated, repeated decisions that make up a sizable chunk of business operations using SAP BTP’s automation features; can help businesses save a ton of time and focus on innovation.

We’ve got your back with SAP BTP!

By offering technology to move assets to the cloud, integrate the IT landscape, and configure and extend SAP and third-party applications, SAP BTP offers the freedom and independence you require.

  • To enhance cross-functional processes and establish competitive differentiation, use SAP BTP, which is integrated into SAP applications.
  • Utilize SAP BTP, which is integrated into SAP applications, to improve cross-functional processes and achieve competitive differentiation.
  • For flexibility and customer choice, run SAP BTP in any hyperscaler cloud environment.
  • Quickly go live, shorten the payback period, monetize investments, and raise money for upcoming high-value use cases.

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