Kaar Arakattalai

Serving humanity beyond the digital era!

The prime mission of Kaar Tech is to be a socially responsible corporate entity that inculcates pride, joy, and accomplishment
in every aspect of our interaction. In line with our mission, we began the KAAR ARAKATTALAI (KA) initiative, in the year 2010.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) lies at the heart of Kaar Tech’s existence. Needless to say, this is an
important component of our efforts to add value to society. The goal for Kaar Tech is to go beyond the principles
of traditional business philosophies through our CSR efforts.

Every academic year, KA awards educational scholarships to less privileged students, funds schools to enhance their infrastructure, donates laptops and other items of necessity, and organizes various events to raise awareness and support to help them pursue their education.

Over the years, the initiative widened and contributed to several welfare initiatives and diligently carried out many CSR activities, including organizing blood donation camps, providing funds for calamity relief and support care centers for older people, autistic children, HIV-affected children, orphanages, and homeless shelters.

‘Kaar Arakattalai’ (KA), Kaar’s CSR branch, is thus intended to be a driver of positive social effect and economic progress.

“Our rewards in life will always be in direct ratio to our service. So, do your little bit of good wherever you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” In addition to our CSR activities and Kaar Arakattalai, we also incorporate ESG into the decision-making process making it a sustainable organization. Here, we follow the DEIB Equation – Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity and Belonging. This being a fundamental principle, we make conscious business decisions to inculcate and promote the DEIB Equation at the workplace. For example, in our Hiring Process, we ensure that we hire an equal number of women to maintain the gender ratio in the workplace. Efforts are also

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