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The retail industry is slowly rebranding itself with sustainable initiatives, embracing new government policies as a way to improve efficiency and quality standards. SAP enables innovation in business models for enhanced end-to-end retail processes, delivering the best in customer experience, as well as business capabilities that are crucial in building the brand and customer loyalty.

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priorities for Retail

  • Omnichannel planning and optimization

  • Connect to customer’s lifestyle

  • Digital supply chain

  • Redefined store

  • Value platforms for purpose-driven retail

Transformative impact
of Strategic Priorities

Predictive insights and intelligence in an integrated planning suite that allows you to anticipate trends and customer preferences using real-time transactional data and third-party information.

  • 360-degree customer profiles

  • Omnichannel demand planning

  • Avoid integration errors with embedded intelligence

  • Intelligent forecast modelling

  • Intelligent store clustering

  • Flexible business rule framework

  • 05% - 25%

    Increase in demand forecast accuracy 

SAP Solutions to fulfil
Strategic Priorities

Leverage the strategies below to optimize product offerings and maximize customer satisfaction.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition

Plan and manage product assortments with access to sales analytics, market trends, and customer preferences that enables dynamic pricing and demand forecasting for maximum profit.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition or SAP S/4HANA on-premise

Leverage pre-configured industry-specific functionalities and best practices, advanced security options to protect customer big data and manage compliance, fully integrated with other SAP solutions.

SAP Customer Activity Repository applications bundle

Use real-time inventory and 360-degree visibility into customer buying behaviour and demand across multiple channels for accurate product allocation, promotion, and replenishment planning.

SAP Fiori for SAP Customer Activity Repository applications bundle

Set of applications that enable demand forecasting, create and manage promotional activities, manage sourcing networks and strategies and multi-channel sales analytics.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver

Set up business process templates and manage consolidated data and system reports to gain visibility into your organization’s financial status along with customizable documentation capabilities.

SAP Sales Insights for Retail

Flexible reporting tool that allows analysis of point-of-sales data and determine product affinities that are essential for retail-category managers and merchandising managers.

Private Label product design & development

SAP Enterprise Product Development

End-user-oriented collaborative product design and development with connected products across the enterprise with extended PLM management with partner apps.

SAP Enterprise Project Connection

Integrate data between SAP systems and third-party ERPs for rapid implementation of R&D processes, reduced manual data input, and shorten time to go live for products and services.

PLM system integration for SAP S/4HANA

Bi-directional process integration to transfer data from external PLMs like Siemens Teamcenter into SAP systems without any middleware for easy data processing and monitoring.

SAP Engineering Control Center for SAP S/4HANA

Integrate business data from any SAP software with information inflow from authoring systems for MCAD and ECAD and other simulation tools to design and develop complex products.

SAP Product Lifecycle Costing, cloud edition

Precise and fast cost calculation with simulations for cost comparisons and integration with SAP ERP and import from Excel to incorporate BoMs prices for early cost calculations of new products.

SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing

Calculate pricing for variant conditions for simple and multi-level configurable products including discount and surcharge calculation, currency and quantity conversion, and scale determination.


SAP Customer Data Cloud

Collate and manage customer data across various touchpoints and platforms, enabling follow-up processes with consent management for progressive profiling

SAP Customer Data Platform

Real-time data collection, decisioning core, and data orchestration based on data privacy permissions and unify the customer profiles and associate relationships at account or individual level.

SAP NetWeaver

Modern application development, near-zero downtime, smart templates, and cloud capabilities on premise platforms with Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP)

SAP Cloud for Customer core applications

A mobile-first SaaS Platform that offers real-time analytics to predict sales success and integration with social media, Google and Microsoft apps, and CRM platforms.

SAP Master Data Governance

Get a unified view of your business and create a single source of truth for your master data to define, monitor, and validate BoM, maintain quality parameters, and streamline workflows.

SAP Sales Cloud Version 2

Collaborative tools and knowledge repository for service agents to have customer information on their fingertips to speed customer issue resolution along with secure data transfer capabilities.


Enrich the customer experience, offering complex product configurations , optimized pricing, and proposals that are error-free and comply with company policies.

SAP Solution Sales Configuration for SAP S/4HANA

Configure and sell solutions that are a combination of products, services, and parts that are customizable and can be chosen by the customers while making the purchase.

SAP Convergent Charging

An offer-to-cash and consume-to-cash solution with rapid ROI that consolidates all service charges and service consumption events into a unified invoice, including one-time and usage-based charges.

SAP Agent Performance Management, enterprise edition

Streamline onboarding, orientation, compliance, and incentive compensation for sales agents, boosting productivity with automated self-services that supports multiple business lines.

SAP Agent Lifecycle Management

Unified on-boarding of agents and real-time visibility into stakeholders across the sales lifecycle with automated credential management and built-in compliance checks.

Sourcing & procurement

SAP Ariba Procurement, cloud edition

Automate entire purchasing lifecycle, enrich catalog content with enterprise grade management tools, and guide users to preferred suppliers, materials, and simplify emergency purchasing.

SAP Supplier Relationship Management

Optimize procurement strategies, forecast purchasing behaviour, and shorten procurement time with real-time connections with suppliers, simultaneously bringing down procurement costs.

SAP Procurement Intelligence

Expedited processes using IoT sensors, dynamic supplier evaluation, RPA for communication along supply chain and automated invoice reconciliation.

SAP Business Network

Hosted service that connects suppliers and buyers where you can view buyer catalogs and place online orders and process complete procurement lifecycle on the same platform.

SAP Supply Network Collaboration

Synchronize and automate information flow between your organization and vendor network with this rapid deployment product to speed up the supply chain process

SAP Ariba Sourcing, cloud edition

Simplified procurement and sourcing processes, fully integrated with SAP SRM and other third-party ERP applications and easy transfer of transaction data on a low-cost cloud platform.

SAP S/4HANA for supplier quotation management

Convenient single-point access for suppliers, acting as a seamless buyer-supplier negotiations management platform during all phases of bidding in direct material sourcing.

SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management

Cover entire supplier lifecycle from registration to material purchase with split sell and buy sides with suppliers operating outside the firewall, for business data integrity.

SAP Qualtrics CoreXM

Gather experience data from 125+ sources to gain a deeper understanding of stakeholders, managing all interactions on a single platform, useful for creating highly personalized experiences.

SAP Central Invoice Management

Single point access to supplier invoices, with filter and sort options to isolate invoices, split screen feature, and invoice replication on a unified interface integrated with multiple systems

Supply chain

SAP Customer Activity Repository applications bundle

Real-time inventory and 360 degree visibility into customer buying behaviour and demand across multiple channels with product allocation, promotion, and replenishment planning.

SAP Predictive Replenishment

Automated replenishment of products at retail distribution centres planned and optimized digitally, maximizing product availability and profitability on a modular public cloud solution.

SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain

Accelerated responsiveness with supply chain analytics through an automated supply chain powered by advanced AI and ML, with integration capability with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower.

SAP Supply Network Collaboration

Synchronize and automate information flow between your organization and vendor network with this rapid deployment product to speed up the supply chain process

SAP Supply Chain Management

Embed sustainability in the supply chain by predicting disruptions, feedback loops, gaining visibility into partner capabilities with real-time collaborations

SAP Order and Delivery Scheduling

Achieve flexibility and consistency in your retail supply network with order and delivery scheduling and automation capabilities, delivery templates, and time-efficient planning.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Enhance inventory and storage management and trace goods movement across all modes of transport with robotic vendors, efficient task orchestration, and rapid execution.

SAP Transportation Resource Planning

Real-time visibility into transportation resources, fulfilling material shipments at minimal costs using computational models to forecast demand and supply and set up alerts as necessary.

SAP Global Batch Traceability

Access a holistic corporate view of product batch genealogies with a repository that connects to multiple record systems and has instant report generation and product quality monitoring.

SAP Warehouse Insights

Warehouse layout visualization and warehouse modelling in line with real-life warehouse operation KPIs and situational insights with optimized warehouse operations for labour and asset resources.


Optimize your wholesale distribution process lifecycle
with our specialized solution


Learn how to use a trusted digital
infrastructure to implement industry
standards for your wholesale distribution
business. Obtain operational excellence
in your company’s key financial and
engagement management procedures,
as well as across the board.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Experience built-in omnichannel
adaptability of B2B and B2C commerce
software, you can engage and transact
with your customers anywhere,
at any time, and on any device.

Discover the value of RISE with SAP

Unlock the full potential of your business through RISE with SAP – Your one-stop shop for enterprise-level digital transformation


Take the lead with
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Grow revenue, increase margin, unlock efficiency, and manage sustainability by creating differentiating business models with built-in industry-specific processes.


Never stop improving
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Analyse processes quickly to prioritize optimization opportunities, boost performance and benchmark your industry by leveraging tailored insights to accelerate progress with AI.


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Run your mission-critical operations globally and maximize innovation, compliance, and success with SAP’s cloud solutions and outcome-driven practices.

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RISE with SAP is designed to support
your business needs- for your industry, in
your geography, for your regulatory
requirements – with SAP responsible for the
holistic service-level agreement, cloud
operations, and technical support.
It includes:

  • Cloud ERP
    SAP S/4HANA Cloud

  • Business process
    Business process intelligence
    starter pack

  • Business platform
    and analytics
    SAP Business Technology
    Platform (CPEA credits)

  • Business networks
    SAP Business Network
    Starter Pack

  • Outcome-driven
    services and tools
    From partners

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