Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and Diversity are essential components of Kaar Tech’s culture and key principles where we strive to make our organization a safe space to work for different demographics.

Hiring and recruitment strategies at Kaar Tech openly encourage different genders and communities across the globe to be a part of our organization. We are resolute in our commitment to workplace diversity where we aspire to an equal male-female ratio. Our recruitment strategies also accommodate individuals from the trans-gender communities and the differently abled.

At Kaar Tech, all festivals across different religions are celebrated with equal pomp and fervor. In doing so, we let our employees know that we respect their culture thus helping them feel like they belong in an organization that values differences. Speaking of differences, we also ensure that language is no barrier to communication. In a company with employees from backgrounds as diverse as ours, it is but natural to have employees from different linguistic backgrounds. Therefore, we encourage all professional communication to be in English to ensure that no preference is given to any one regional language.

We vow to build an organization and a family that is conducive to sustaining an inclusive environment. Kaar Tech is continuously striving to provide a contented workplace, where each employee is allowed the space for authenticity, originality and to speak their truth.

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