Finance Transformation

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Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation is a collection of solutions that assists Finance Leaders in reviewing their finance strategy and vision, as well as designing and implementing changes to their finance organization, processes, and systems to increase the total value of finance.

Kaar Tech guides you to embrace technology and digital innovation, invest in your team’s abilities, and create new ways of working to create successful finance teams that act as strategic business partners, offering data-driven insights garnered from sophisticated analytics and predictive modelling.

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SAP Finance

Why Kaar Tech is the best partner for you?

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  • Develop a consistent and shared vision for your financial department.
  • Make a convincing and adaptable implementation plan.
  • Tailor processes with users in mind.
  • Create a smart data framework.
  • Implement solutions that contribute to your business goals.
  • Provide a robust framework to handle global and local challenges.

  • Marketing​ Cloud: SAP Marketing Cloud provides a basis for personalized marketing campaigns and ensures company branding and messaging are uniform across all channels. Using the solution and the help of advanced analysis methods and machine learning, SAP Marketing Cloud has many features and functions that can help you understand your customers and tailor your campaigns to suit them.

  • Sales Cloud: Empower your sales team to engage with customers throughout the buying journey in a more meaningful way.​ SAP Sales Cloud includes many features that guide your customer from first contact to product selection to payment and aftersales.

  • Commerce Cloud: SAP Commerce Cloud consolidates all data, on all channels, for all customers. Personalized discounts, delivery addresses, and preferred payment methods – are all stored to ensure a seamless customer journey. No matter where an employee accesses an account, they receive a clear overview of real-time data in user-friendly dashboards.

  • Service Cloud: SAP Service Cloud offers a service model based in the cloud that can be used on any device, no matter where your engineers are in the field. With access to product details, repair history, and stock information on new parts that may be required, your technicians deliver efficient services and accurate, up-to-date information to the customer.

  • Customer Data Cloud: SAP Customer Data Cloud allows you to centrally govern customer data and provides consolidated customer profiles, complete with consent management for each customer-facing line of business. This helps all departments enhance performance and improve security, personalization, and trust.

What we offer you?

Financial Planning & Analysis:

The budgeting, forecasting, and analytical procedures that support an organization’s financial health and business strategy are all managed with the best-in-class technologies with financial planning and analysis (FP&A).

Accounting & Financial Close:

Run quick, precise, and automated closure procedures, as well as simplify accounting for multinational companies. Our accounting and financial closing software tools may assist you in streamlining everything from financial consolidation to compliance reporting and audits.

Treasury Management:

Treasury management systems entail the development and implementation of numerous procedures and policies to assist businesses in better managing their cash flow and all of its associated components, such as payables, receivables, interest rates, and foreign exchange rates..

What you gain?

  • Customer Lead Time​:
    SAP Finance provides faster payment runs, accruals posting, and loan valuations.​
  • Invoice Processing Time​: Time spent on invoice processing can be substantially decreased.​ ​
  • Reduced Ownership Cost​: It reduces the complexity of the technology landscape with hardware reduction, maintenance, and software license eliminations.​
  • Data Volume:Companies can realize a reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).​
  • Revenue Leakage Reduction​: Reduces revenue leakage by over 50% compared to the industry standard.​

What we do?

  • Experience faster payment runs, accruals posting, and loan valuations.
  • Time spent on invoice processing can be substantially decreased.
  • Reduce the complexity of the technology landscape with hardware reduction, maintenance, and software license eliminations.
  • Companies can realize a reduction in days sales outstanding (DSO).
  • Reduces revenue leakage by over 50% compared to the industry standard.
  • Create a rolling forecast that leads to production meeting sales demand.

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