Cloud Transformation

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Cloud Transformation

Customers rely on the Cloud to help them achieve business resilience, evolve into a leading digital organization, and achieve continuous, sustainable growth. Given this, there is a wild rush to the cloud in the commercial sector.

In their hurry to remain competitive, organizations find themselves at various phases of the cloud adoption journey, with some flourishing and others still trying to make sense of their investments.

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Why Kaar Tech is the best partner?

Successful Implementation Projects
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  • Real-time Data Transfer
  • Reduction in man hours required for route optimization
  • Paper and excel free process
  • Create and share all the output generated from the data​
  • Deploy, run and manage all the applications​
  • Realtime​ Ad-hoc deliverables can be added

  • Marketing​ Cloud: SAP Marketing Cloud provides a basis for personalized marketing campaigns and ensures company branding and messaging are uniform across all channels. Using the solution and the help of advanced analysis methods and machine learning, SAP Marketing Cloud has many features and functions that can help you understand your customers and tailor your campaigns to suit them.

  • Sales Cloud: Empower your sales team to engage with customers throughout the buying journey in a more meaningful way.​ SAP Sales Cloud includes many features that guide your customer from first contact to product selection to payment and aftersales.

  • Commerce Cloud: SAP Commerce Cloud consolidates all data, on all channels, for all customers. Personalized discounts, delivery addresses, and preferred payment methods – are all stored to ensure a seamless customer journey. No matter where an employee accesses an account, they receive a clear overview of real-time data in user-friendly dashboards.

  • Service Cloud: SAP Service Cloud offers a service model based in the cloud that can be used on any device, no matter where your engineers are in the field. With access to product details, repair history, and stock information on new parts that may be required, your technicians deliver efficient services and accurate, up-to-date information to the customer.

  • Customer Data Cloud: SAP Customer Data Cloud allows you to centrally govern customer data and provides consolidated customer profiles, complete with consent management for each customer-facing line of business. This helps all departments enhance performance and improve security, personalization, and trust.

Who are we?

Kaar Tech Cloud Platform Service offerings allow you to choose from a wide variety of cloud platform providers like Azure, AWS, GCP etc.
The activities carried out are:

  • Extend your Cloud & On-Prem Apps​: Add new functionality to your existing cloud and on-prem apps to optimize your existing investments​
  • Integrate​ your Apps and Data​: Connect cloud and on-prem apps to eliminate data silos and make digital access simple, secure, and scalable​
  • Build​ Brand New Cloud Apps: Rapidly build and run new cloud apps to solve new problems, engage new customers, and drive new revenue​

  • Digital Infrastructure

  • Analytics and Intelligence

  • Customer Experience

  • Apps​

  • DevOps​

  • Security to assist in building futuristic businesses​

What challenges does Kaar Tech’s cloud offering help you overcome?

  • Paper-based shipment creation process leading to delayed shipment​
  • Lack of synchronization between teams due to inconsistency in sourcing and budgeting​
  • Excel-based Route optimization scenario calculations leading to excessive employee man hours
  • Ad-hoc deliveries cannot be updated in real-time leading to decreased customer service​
  • Generation of financial reports from excel spreadsheets
  • Parallel processing of approval requests

What does SAP’s Cloud Platform offer you?

  • User-friendly UI (SAP Fiori) Application to create single and cascading trips with automated validations to check overlapping trips​
  • Integration with SuccessFactors to automatically fetch employee details ​
  • Calculate the Compensation amount instantly during Mission Completion request based on Complex Business Rules​
  • Post the calculated compensation amount after approval to SuccessFactors for payroll processing

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