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Construction companies are transforming into vertically integrated modular enterprises. Projects are delivered on schedule and within budgets affordable to the masses. Kaar Tech and SAP Solutions suite help incorporate sustainability and modern technology in the industry to speed up delivery timelines and ease compliance while enhancing the quality of the projects and infrastructure value in the community.

Strategic Priorities

  • Digitization of expertise and knowledge

  • Connected Construction sites

  • Digitization of Intercompany collaboration

  • Digitization of handover and commissioning

  • Digital Supply chain

Transformative impact
of Strategic Priorities

Create online learning communities that empower employees to reach full potential and collaborate better with a tailored course experience that is widely accessible.

  • Analytics of career and performance

  • Ability to choose medium and
    duration of course

  • Personalized learning

  • Weightage to individual learning needs

  • Learning at all levels of the hierarchy

  • 20% - 30%

    Increase in worker quality

  • 02% - 03%

    Reduction in project delivery cost

  • 10% - 15%

    Reduction in time to fill

  • 56%

    Efficiency increase in financial postings freeing precious man hours for reallocation to other tasks

SAP Solutions to fulfil
Strategic Priorities

Create efficient, safe, and cost-effective infrastructure by understanding
the needs of your clients optimally.

Business development

SAP Entitlement Management

Automate and streamline entitlement processes, define new entitlement models for innovative offerings on a user-friendly dashboard complete with customer insights and custom criteria.

SAP Incentive Administration and SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks by Vistex for SAP S/4HANA

End-to-end automation of incentive programs including calculation and reconciliation of payments, management of vendor chargeback and rebate programs and enhanced transactional transparency.

SAP Commissions

Holistic incentive and compensation management with one-click traceability, drag and drop interfaces and preconfigured templates to identify financial accelerators to improve sales outcomes.

SAP Configure Price Quote Solution

Quote complex business offerings with AI- enabled optimized pricing guaranteed to accelerate sales through channel-specific insights that maximise sales while protecting margins.

SAP Dynamic Visit Planning

Add-on which acts as a holistic front-office planning solution for both ad-hoc and scheduled events to optimize the time that sales representatives spend with the customers.

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

Deploy integrated and personalized campaigns, increase conversions with AI analytics, and accelerate time to value with relevant real-time customer engagement.


SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration

Common asset data foundation enabling information exchange between organization and OEMs and other suppliers that improves asset commissioning and maintenance.

SAP Service and Asset Manager

Improve first-time resolution rates with guided workflows on asset management, asset master data, and on-time processing of service work orders, to keep site equipment in peak performance.

SAP Work Manager

Get mobile friendly SAP Asset Management to reduce downtime and maintenance backlog and extend asset life with access to asset data both online and offline, on prem and on cloud.

SAP Maintenance Assistant mobile app

Mobile application for maintenance execution that brings down unplanned downtime and improves operational efficiency, allowing site team to capture real-time updates on all assets.

SAP Multiresource Scheduling

Identify resources with ease and assign them to demands with automated resource planning, optimized daily assignment planning, and integrate with mobile devices to track assignments.

SAP Field Service Management

Schedule and assign work to the workforce in the field, tracking their task progress real-time and maintain a comprehensive database of customer assets and feedback on field personnel.

SAP Enterprise Product Development

Manage end-to-end product development process with real-time visibility into resource utilization to optimize resource and budget allocation and tools to manage project schedules and milestones.

SAP Predictive Asset Insights

IoT enabled predictive maintenance data to monitor site equipment remotely and gather insights from engineering simulations and machine learning including early anomaly detection.


SAP Digital Manufacturing

Achieve end-to-end business automation and integration with digital connectivity to orchestrate services and products facilitating modular and high-volume production.

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Facilitate intelligent integration and collaboration through the use of 5G networks, cloud services, and machine connectivity enabling cross-plant real-time analysis for manufacturing performance.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Enhance inventory and storage management and trace goods movement across all modes of transport with robotic vendors, efficient task orchestration, and rapid execution.

SAP Supply Chain Management

Embed sustainability in the supply chain by predicting disruptions, feedback loops, gaining visibility into partner capabilities with real-time collaborations.

SAP Master Data Governance

Get a unified view of your business and create a single source of truth for your master data to define, monitor, and validate BoM, maintain quality parameters, and streamline workflows.

SAP Business Network

Streamline operations and material movement by gaining visibility across the supply chain with Business Network, ensuring right deployment of materials and assets for on-time production.

SAP Enterprise Project Connection

Integrate data between SAP systems and third-party ERPs for rapid implementation of R&D processes, reduced manual data input, and shorten time to go live for products and services.

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author

Desktop application that supports all visual assets including importing and opening of CAD files, tools to view, create, and animate custom products with integration across SAP ecosystem.

R&D and Product Management

SAP Enterprise Product Development

End-user-oriented collaborative product design and development with connected products across the enterprise with extended PLM management with partner apps.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud for projects

Plan and execute R&D lifecycle of all products and services with defined WBS and milestones, resource and budget allocations, document management and compliance and regulatory support.

SAP Enterprise Project Connection

Integrate data between SAP systems and third-party ERPs for rapid implementation of R&D processes, reduced manual data input, and shorten time to go live for products and services.

PLM system integration for SAP S/4HANA

Bi-directional process integration to transfer data from external PLMs like Siemens Teamcenter into SAP systems without any middleware for easy data processing and monitoring.

SAP Engineering Control Center for SAP S/4HANA

Integrate business data from any SAP software with information inflow from authoring systems for MCAD and ECAD and other simulation tools to design and develop complex products.

SAP Product Lifecycle Costing, cloud edition

Precise and fast cost calculation with simulations for cost comparisons and integration with SAP ERP and import from Excel to incorporate BoMs prices for early cost calculations of new products.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition

Comprehensive Cloud solution that integrates data and processes to manage carbon footprint, reduce material waste, and achieve sustainability in everyday operations in a global ecosystem.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition or SAP S/4HANA on-premise

Benefit from the flexibility of ERP software with company-specific configurations and customizations that allow you to incorporate sustainability directly into your business.

SAP Product Footprint Management

This product is part of the “Zero Emissions with Climate Change Solutions” and calculates carbon footprints along the entire product lifecycle by extracting data from SAP S/4 HANA Cloud and on-prem.

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Facilitate intelligent integration and collaboration through the use of 5G networks, cloud services, and machine connectivity enabling real-time tracing of material sourcing and movement.


Unlock the potential of your professional services with a solution customized to fit your unique needs.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud provides a
proven framework to acquire the finest
practices for the chemicals industry
and helps them to transform, by enabling
innovations and operations within
and beyond company boundaries.

SAP Integrated
Business Planning for
Supply Chain

Acknowledges the new market expectations
with real-time solutions, by combining the
capabilities for sales & operations, response,
planning, demand and optimisation. They take
advantage of alerts in the cloud, what-if
simulations and powerful analytics.

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RISE with SAP is designed to support
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It includes:

  • Cloud ERP
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  • Business process
    Business process intelligence
    starter pack

  • Business platform
    and analytics
    SAP Business Technology
    Platform (CPEA credits)

  • Business networks
    SAP Business Network
    Starter Pack

  • Outcome-driven
    services and tools
    From partners

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