Commitment to People

Commitment to People

Intent reveals desire but action
reveals commitment

At Kaar Tech, people are always at the heart of everything we do. While profits and targets are essential to the
growth of our organization, they cannot come at the risk of our employee’s mental and physical health. In that
regard, Kaar Tech vows to stay committed to its workforce and to its people. We stringently strive to
protect our employees from, and mitigate the risks of burnout, stress and the pressures of a corporate life.

Moreover, the overall holistic development and growth of our employees is an equal priority at Kaar Tech,
and we provide them with several forums to unlock their fullest potential:

Elevation based on skill and not experience

Age and experience are no bars at Kaar Tech. True talent and skill are always rewarded in the organization as is evident from the number of young Team Leads and Management Team Members (MTMers). Growth at Kaar Tech is only conditional on skill and capacity, and we have proved it time and again.

Supporting employees during crisis

The Covid Command Control Centre was a group of Covid Warriors formed during the pandemic to provide any and all assistance necessary to employees suffering from Covid and their immediate family. From daily calls to arranging hospital beds and oxygen cylinders, we truly went the last mile in standing as resolute pillars of support to our employees.

Work Life Balance

At Kaar Tech, we follow a Compulsory Leave Policy. Employees are encouraged to utilize their Compulsory Leaves. Our HR BPs follow up with the employees and encourage them to block their Calendars after prior discussions with their Project and Reporting Managers.

Retention Interview with the CEO

One of our retention efforts involves an interview with our CEO, Mr. Maran. In the interview, Mr. Maran tries to understand the pain points of the employees in order to rectify them and better their experience in the organization.

MTM Employee Connect

All employees are made to meet with the Management Team Members
in batches to present their concerns in a systemic, structured way. These grievances are recorded,
and solutions are offered by the Management. Consequently, the respective HR SPOCs follow
through with the concerned stakeholders to resolve employee concerns.

Onsite Opportunities

At Kaar Tech, we don’t believe in working at a desk for hours together day after day. Talent needs to be recognized and given a platform to truly shine. This is why we offer onsite opportunities to our consultants to learn on the job, get practical, hands-on experience and understand the nitty-gritties of Consulting. Not only does this serve as a refreshing change for our employees, but these opportunities also offer them much needed exposure for growth and development.

Direct Client Interaction

Consultants at Kaar Tech have the opportunity to directly interact with the client. Not only does this allow employees to better understand client requirements, it also allows them to build their contacts and gain more exposure by directly communicating with the client themselves.

Soft Loan Policy

Employees are provided soft loans at zero percent interest in time of crisis to help them tide through tough times. They additionally have the option of choosing the payment term as per their convenience and the options available. The instalments will then be deducted from their monthly salary. This initiative was born during the pandemic to meet employees’ hospitalization expenses but is now a full-fledged system to provide timely financial help to our employees.

Campus to Corporate

Potential candidates are given paid internships at Kaar Tech along with an Offer Letter right from the 3rd Year of their Undergraduate Program. They are provided with SAP Technical and Functional training right off the bat and are given parallel Internship Projects once their required training is completed. Not only are the Interns thoroughly trained when onboarded, candidates are also able to familiarize themselves with corporate culture and the nuances of our business thus enabling them to contribute more significantly to organizational growth.

Leadership Enhancement

All employees across all levels of the organization, including our Leaders and Board Members, and managers, receive Leadership Training. Regular surveys are also conducted to ensure that our management are understanding and approachable, resulting in a perfect work-life balance for them as well as all team members.

Manager’s Gambit

The Manager’s Gambit by GMI is an initiative for all the Managers of Kaar Tech to help them become Great People Leaders and improve Manager-employee relationships. Improvement areas in their Leadership are identified through a Team Survey. The Managers are then put through relevant Training Programs to address those impediments and asked to implement effective Action Plans within their Team to resolve areas of concern. This Program is applicable to all employees in Managerial positions including those in the Management.

Employee Centric Policies

At Kaar Tech, we have numerous policies centred around our employees like the KICC Policy (Kaar Internal Complaints Committee), Odd Hour Commute Policy, Leave Policy 2.0, Night Shift Policy for the betterment of our employees and to improve their day-to-day work experience at Kaar Tech.

These are just some of the ways in which Kaar Tech remains committed to its people! Join us and experience our People Commitment for yourself!

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