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Gift your business the power of intelligence, automation and advanced analytics to explore the untouched capabilities of your business!

Kaar Tech’s RISE with SAP Digital Transformation advisory and services brings together everything you need from SAP to holistically transform your business process in a single package and introduce continuous innovation with Business Transformation as a Service (BTaas).

rise with sap
expertise in RISE with SAP

Why Kaar Tech is the best partner for you?

Specialized Consultants
SAP S/4HANA Transformations

  • Assessment: Comprehensive analysis of your existing landscape and business processes to identify critical innovation areas enabled by RISE with SAP

  • Road Map Preparation: Comprehensive analysis of your existing landscape and business processes to identify critical innovation areas enabled by RISE with SAP

  • Implementation: IP-driven RISE with SAP implementations enabled by intelligent automation and governance to ensure risk-free Go-Lives

  • Business Process Optimization: IP-driven analysis of existing business processes combined with 15+ years of SAP Expertise to identify and innovate critical processes

  • Integration: Versatile integration and extension services to help move data among your SAP and Non-SAP Systems

  • Application Management Services: 15+ years of proven SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS) models to maximize your return on SAP investments

Who are we?

  • Dynamic partner with IP-Driven Automation and Governance for RISE with SAP Transformations

  • Powerful provider of data-driven RISE with SAP Journey Maps based on current system data

  • Proven organization, executing and governing models that surpass Industry Standards

  • Solid expert in RISE with SAP Projects

What we offer you?

  • SAP Business Process Intelligence Discovery Reports
  • SAP Business Technology Platform CPEA Credits
  • SAP Business Network Starter Package
  • Custom Code Analyzer, Readiness Check, Learning Hub
  • SAP S/4HANA with Deployment Model of Choice (Public or Private)
  • Infrastructure Provider of Choice
  • Additional services provided by SAP and Kaar Tech

Benefits of RISE with SAP

  • Up to 20% reduction of TCO over 5 years
  • Embedded best practices, business models, and built-in AI to kickstart transformation with an intelligent foundation
  • Extensions and integrations with any non-SAP and third-party technology
  • End-to-end support for sustainability backed by an ecosystem of technology providers

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