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Spend Management

The SAP Intelligent Spend Management System incorporates a portfolio of SAP products pertaining to an organization’s Spend Management into one single structure. The tool encompasses everything from direct procurement of raw materials used in manufacturing goods to indirect procurement of office supplies, bringing in contingent workers, and managing travel expenses.

Why Kaar Tech is the best Partner for you?

Successful Implementation Projects
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  • Develop a consistent and shared vision for your Financial Department
  • Make a convincing and adaptable Implementation Plan
  • Processes should be designed with users in mind
  • Create a smart data framework
  • Put innovation at the centre of each Project
  • Handle global and local challenges
  • Establish robust decision-making Management

Why Kaar Tech is the best Partner for you?

  • Achieve greater insight into the spending To cut expenses, reduce risks, increase collaboration, and ensure that every spending choice is in line with your business strategy, you should have a more unified perspective of your company’s spending. This will help your organization effectively move forward.

  • Eliminate silos in Business Process Integration To provide the most visibility, control, and savings, implement seamless spend management processes within each category of spending that is integrated with your back-end systems, payment procedures, and partners.

  • Select efficient solutions for the present and the futureUtilize market-leading solutions that can scale and grow with your business today and wherever it goes tomorrow to solve business concerns by gathering, analyzing, and sharing expenditure data to realize quick savings and ROI.

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Sourcing and Contracts

  • Add up and group all business purchases
  • Gain visibility to locate potential savings sources
  • Streamline the source-to-contract procedures
  • Drive cost reduction and material optimization
  • Teams may work more quickly and efficiently while reducing risk by selecting better suppliers

  • Dealing with Services, Indirect and Direct spending
  • Improve the guided buying experience
  • Improve efficiency and Cost Management
  • Taking down obstacles between suppliers and customers
  • Data sharing, insight gathering, and workflow management
  • Automatically adjust to market conditions

Invoice and Payment Management

  • Modernize the approval and capture of invoices​
  • Enhance cash and payables control​
  • ​Gain early-payment discounts
  • Reduce supply-chain risk​
  • Improvise free financial flow​
  • Reduce working capital needs​

Supplier Management

  • Spend with your preferred vendors​
  • ​Synchronize supplier management and purchasing
  • ​Organize using a single source record
  • ​Extend Risk Management throughout your supply base

External Workforce and Services

  • Automate the end-to-end process of outsourcing contractors and providing services
  • Obtain visibility across your entire extended team and monitor the caliber of their work
  • Strengthen external talent and the workforce ecosystem
  • Using master worker records, keep tabs on all contract workers and provide reports
  • Multiple resources can be hired, managed, and paid for numerous tasks using a single solution

Travel and Expense

  • Streamline and automate spending procedures
  • View all spending in one place
  • Can submit and approve costs from anywhere
  • Make business travel easier
  • Link the processes for vendor invoices
  • Get notified on Supplier pays

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