In the realm of the petrochemical industry, a distinguished leader faced significant governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) challenges within its SAP ECC 6.0 environment. The organization grappled with integrating financial and logistical operations for a vast user base, highlighting the urgency for a refined GRC framework. Key issues included limited visibility in authorization management, difficulties in regulatory compliance, challenges in change management, and shortcomings in compliance reporting.

In response, a strategic collaboration was initiated with a technology partner to undertake a comprehensive GRC feasibility study. This study, bolstered by an independent review, uncovered deep-rooted non-compliance issues, leading to a pivotal authorization clean-up project. The scope of the project spanned role cleanup, user-level analysis, testing, and comprehensive documentation, culminating in a robust SAP GRC solution.

The transformative journey resulted in achieving 100% SoD conflict-free roles, enhancing the organization’s operational efficiency and reducing costs. The implementation of SAP GRC not only ensured rigorous compliance with industry regulations but also streamlined change management processes and provided real-time insights into the organization’s risk and compliance status.

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