The challenge at hand was the aging Miscellaneous Payment System (MPS) portal, a critical component for our prominent player in the energy industry. The existing portal, built on SAP BSP in 2009, struggled to handle diverse payment requests, leading to manual efforts and delays. To address these challenges, we embarked on a journey to modernize and digitize the MPS solution, implementing SAP UI5 and Flutter technologies, along with advanced features like OCR, ML, and NLP.

Our goal was clear:

  • Streamline document submissions
  • Enhance multilingual support
  • Introduce barcode scanning capabilities

The results were transformative, with significant reductions in request processing time, impressive accuracy in document processing using OCR, and a substantial increase in user satisfaction with the new UI/UX.

Dive into our case study to explore how this project revitalized the MPS portal, ensuring it aligns with industry standards and positions our client for long-term success in the ever-evolving energy industry. Download the case study to discover how our modernization journey transformed the aging Miscellaneous Payment System (MPS) portal for a key player in the energy industry.

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