In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a leading petrochemical company embarked on a pivotal journey towards enhancing its Environmental, Health, and Safety Management (EHSM) practices. With SAP EHSM Risk Management at its core, the enterprise, known for its significant role in the global titanium dioxide market, aimed to revolutionize its safety protocols and risk assessment processes. The need for a robust EHSM solution was evident, given the challenges in assessing chemical exposure, structured risk management, compliance with occupational restrictions, and asset integrity management.

Collaborating with an experienced technology partner, the company set out to address these critical issues head-on. The SAP EHSM implementation was strategically designed to ensure comprehensive risk overview and adherence to occupational limits, automate and streamline risk controls, and efficiently manage asset integrity. The project was not just a compliance exercise but a significant leap toward reinforcing a culture of safety and sustainability.

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