In the challenging domain of oil, gas, and energy, a prominent industry player grappled with outdated safety procedures and fragmented systems impacting incident management and contractor safety compliance. Our mission was to usher in a new era of safety and efficiency. Our task: enhance the incident management system and seamlessly integrate affiliates, revolutionizing safety practices. Leveraging technologies like SAP UI5 and Flutter, we undertook a significant overhaul. SafeLife 3.0 on the SAP Business Technology Platform became the catalyst for change.

The result?

A streamlined affiliate onboarding process, significantly reduced onboarding times, increased mobile app engagement, and an optimized safety ecosystem.

We developed a unified web service for seamless AI camera integration, ensuring efficient incident and risk assessment. Migrating to MAG IBM enhanced mobile application performance, while SAP Analytical Cloud unified reporting. A hybrid Business Technology Platform solution connected affiliates and contractors seamlessly. Additionally, GIS integration provided real-time spatial insights.

The outcomes were transformational:

  • Enhanced performance
  • User-friendly mobile app enhancements
  • Precise incident prediction
  • Streamlined incident resolution

Dive into the details by downloading our case study to witness how this initiative has elevated safety practices and operational efficiency to new heights.

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