In the heart of Oman’s oil and gas sector, a key industry player faced formidable challenges. Their existing IT landscape, riddled with intricate silos and disjointed systems, resulted in integration difficulties, compromised BI effectiveness, and cumbersome management of vast data volumes. In this competitive environment, the need for a transformative solution was evident — one that would not only tackle these issues but also enhance overall operational efficiency and decision-making. 

We stepped in to architect a solution that seamlessly integrated SAP Analytics with advanced CCTV video analytics. Our goal was to create a unified management cockpit, providing a comprehensive view of operations and facilitating agile decision-making based on real-time data. The implementation aimed at optimizing KPI tiles, enhancing security measures, and fine-tuning surveillance camera performance. 

The outcome was a remarkable 50% acceleration in data access speed. The newly streamlined processes across units, combined with improved planning capabilities, placed the company at the vanguard of the industry. Real-time video analytics offered prompt responses to operational challenges, while multi-level drill-down functionalities enriched MIS reporting. 

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