Established in 1973 as the first LNG production company in its region and a key player in producing over 8 million tons of LNG and other products annually, our client in the oil, gas, and energy industry faced significant governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) challenges. These challenges revolved around manual audit processes, inefficient access management, and emergency response inadequacies, hindering their operational excellence and compliance standards.

Our task was to implement a robust SAP GRC Access Control solution for SAP ERP, targeting these core issues. We embarked on a journey to revamp their GRC framework, focusing on streamlining audit processes, optimizing access management, and enhancing emergency access control. The initiative involved transitioning from manual, document-based audit methods to integrated, efficient processes, and addressing the complexities of access management and emergency responsiveness.

The results were transformative. Our strategic implementation not only streamlined compliance but also fortified security protocols and enhanced operational efficiency. We achieved a more cohesive and responsive GRC framework, aligning with the industry’s evolving demands and regulatory requirements. This endeavor not only solved existing problems but also equipped the client with tools for proactive risk management and decision-making, reinforcing their stature in the global oil and gas sector.

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