A leading entity in the energy sector, encountered challenges with fragmented and inefficient payroll processes. These issues resulted in errors, compliance risks, and dissatisfaction among employees. Tasked with transforming these operations, we implemented SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll alongside custom applications on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).

The implementation included configuring robust data management systems and integrating specialized applications such as the Timesheet Application (SuccessFactors Extension), Travel Application, and Claims Application on SAP BTP. This setup enabled seamless data replication and ensured compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. We conducted thorough training and testing phases to facilitate smooth adoption and minimize disruption to ongoing operations.

The outcome was a highly efficient payroll system that significantly reduced manual interventions, centralized payroll data, automated time-off management, and streamlined payroll processing. Our solution provided real-time data access, empowering better decision-making and strategic planning capabilities.

Discover how our innovative SAP solutions can revolutionize your payroll operations. Download the full case study to delve deeper into the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the remarkable outcomes achieved.

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