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Published November 21, 2023

KaarTech Unveils “North Star Strategy” A Five-point Plan Driving SAP and Digital Transformation in North America

Discover KaarTech’s “North Star Strategy” for North America growth, which prioritises leadership, expansion, people, ENR footprint, S/4 expertise, core strategy, and digital innovation to strengthen its position in SAP and Digital Transformation services.

KaarTech Inc, a global SAP and Digital Transformation services company, revealed its “North Star” plan for long-term expansion in North America. The announcement coincided with the appointment of Prabhakar Prasad as President of North America and Rajesh Raj as Vice President and Head of Enterprise Business. Maran Nagarajan, KaarTech’s CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the leadership additions and the five-point expansion plan.

Prabhakar Prasad, with a track record in Global P&L management, Cloud, Digital Transformation, and prior leadership roles at Intrigio, Accenture, SAP, IBM, and Tech Mahindra adds that ” KaarTech’s unique value within SAP is its 75+ S/4 transformations experience and a substantial pool of over 2000+ SAP Certified Consultants ”

Rajesh Raj, appointed as Vice President and Head of Enterprise Business, brings over 20 years of experience, focusing on CXO relationships and sales leadership across AWS, SAP, and IBM. He aims to build a strong customer engagement team with a ‘People First’ approach.

The “North Star” plan comprises:
– **Investing in People**: Growing the North American team by 300% across sales, delivery, and Digital Consulting by 2025.
– **Establishing Kaar’s ENR Presence**: Utilizing expertise in S/4 transformations, with over 300 projects completed in ENR.
– **S/4 Transformation Focus**: Targeting CPG, Manufacturing, and Professional Services for S/4 transformations using KTern, KaarTech’s IP.
– **Expanding Clean Core Strategy**: Aiming for a 300% yearly growth in BTP practice and a 200% expansion in SuccessFactors, Ariba, and IBP by FY 2025.
– **Digital Innovation**: Doubling efforts in Digital solutions and leveraging emerging tech like AI/ML, RPA, LLM, and Blockchain to tackle customer business challenges.

Maran emphasized that the North Star initiative will shape KaarTech’s strategy for the next three years, positioning the company as a leading SAP and Digital Transformation player in North America.

About KaarTech

KaarTech is the world’s best Digital Transformation Consulting Organization with 18+ years of experience. We’re a rapidly growing unicorn specializing in IP & Digital Services, Edge & Beyond Edge Solutions. KaarTech’s operations extend across the world, to 25+ global locations, having successfully executed over 3200+ projects, with a pool of 3500+ employees. With a strategic focus on ensuring customer excellence, KaarTech has won 22+ SAP Quality Awards and 25+ Business Awards globally.With a rich legacy of handling 75+ S/4HANA Digital Transformation assignments globally, KaarTech leads the charge in the digital transformation wave, offering innovative solutions to enterprises. With its established flagship intellectual property—KTern.AI, the AI-First Approach—KaarTech is dedicated to reshaping the future of businesses, driving accelerated and intelligent SAP S/4HANA transformations.

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