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Published February 14, 2024

KaarTech Unveils KTern.AI: Driving the ‘AI-First’ approach for S/4HANA transformations globally!

Explore KaarTech’s KTern.AI platform for SAP S/4HANA conversions powered by Generative AI. Join the worldwide movement towards quicker innovation and more resilient company structures. Embrace digital transformation with KaarTech and KTern.AI.

KaarTech recently launched its latest ground-breaking IP, KTern.AI — An SAP Industry Cloud Certified innovative platform designed for global enterprises, embedding the AI-first approach. Powered by GenAI, SAP customers globally can leverage KTern.AI to accelerate their SAP S/4HANA transformations.

“As businesses around the globe navigate the challenges of today’s landscape, KaarTech stands firm as a strategic consulting partner, introducing our cutting-edge AI-driven platform, KTern.AI. tailored to address the varied needs of enterprises worldwide, it champions the AI-First approach” remarks Maran, CEO, KaarTech.

At the core of the platform, there are 7 Generative AI-driven digital streams: Digital Clean Core, Digital Projects, Digital Process, Digital Labs, Digital Maps, Digital Mines and Digital HANAPedia — A comprehensive suite of capabilities propelling businesses into the future.

With KTern.AI, KaarTech leads the charge in modular innovations and leverages LLM-powered BTP code extensibility to drive a clean core. This approach ensures digitized workflow-driven reviews, accelerated delivery, faster upgrade cycles, and agile operational prowess.

Ratnakumar N, CPO of KTern.AI adds, “Over the last 2 decades, SAP customers during their journey have piled up tech-debt, which are in the form of customizations, traditional interfaces, and legacy data. With the help of Emerging technologies like ML, AI and with S/4, now we can relook at the technical debt, and keep the core clean. With the help of KTern.AI, customers can build Composable Enterprise, KTern.AI platform helps you achieve faster innovation cycles, reduced technical debt, increased Opex savings, compliant and future proof business models”.

In its commitment to knowledge sharing and seamless integration of best practices, KaarTech introduces HANAPedia—a collaborative and reusable content engine, fostering collaborative learning and seamless implementation of industry best practices, all underpinned by the intelligence of KTern.AI.

Prabhakar Prasad, President of the North American Business Unit adds “Guided by the intelligence of KTern.AI, KaarTech simplifies the transformation journey by bringing the AI in the forefront of project execution. It will accelerate S/4 Conversions, be it Greenfield, Brownfield, or Bluefield.

As an SAP strategic partner, KaarTech available on the SAP Store, extends propositions, by unlimited user access, complimentary training and onboarding sessions, transparent value-driven pricing, seamless integration with MS O365 tools, and compatibility with 3rd party tools—all seamlessly integrated with the robust capabilities of KTern.AI.

KaarTech, a trailblazer in the realm of digital transformation, invites organizations worldwide to embrace the future with its KTern.AI.

About KaarTech

KaarTech is the world’s best Digital Transformation Consulting Organization with 18+ years of experience. We’re a rapidly growing unicorn specializing in IP & Digital Services, Edge & Beyond Edge Solutions. KaarTech’s operations extend across the world, to 25+ global locations, having successfully executed over 3200+ projects, with a pool of 3500+ employees. With a strategic focus on ensuring customer excellence, KaarTech has won 22+ SAP Quality Awards and 25+ Business Awards globally.With a rich legacy of handling 75+ S/4HANA Digital Transformation assignments globally, KaarTech leads the charge in the digital transformation wave, offering innovative solutions to enterprises. With its established flagship intellectual property—KTern.AI, the AI-First Approach—KaarTech is dedicated to reshaping the future of businesses, driving accelerated and intelligent SAP S/4HANA transformations.

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