Dominic Irudhayaraj

Could you tell me about yourself?

Ex-Senior Public Relations Official of a Foreign Embassy in Chennai. 28+ years of combined work experience. B.Com with 2 PG Diplomas in Public Relations & Computer Applications. Joined Kaar in 2015. Heading CEOs Office (India & US) and Administering Kaar Arakattalai/CSR activities since 2015. Jovial, easily approachable & always looking for avenues to help people around me. Fun loving, work-savvy, singer, religious, story-writer, ex-actor and social worker for 30+ years. Married. Spouse-Home Maker. Elder daughter-MBA/working – Younger one – B.Com 1Y

Your Work-life Balance (your hobbies, extra activities. etc.)

Karaoke Singing and watching TV / Regular morning walker /

How do you feel after working for Kaar Tech

Great and secured feeling since my joining @ Kaar as this is my first Corporate Company and the pleasure of working for a legend like Maran multiplies my joy

What makes Kaar Tech Unique in your perspective?

The wonderful governance against all odds by our super-talented Senior Management / Mezzanine Team and their leadership skills are exemplary

Favourite memory of being a Kaarian?

All employees stood as one family and supported our Company when it faced the greatest challenge of its history (financial crisis triggered by oil price slump in 2017-19). This bravado by Kaarians and their unconditional unity….truly fascinate me

What motivates you to stay productive?

The challenging tasks assigned to me by CEO and the Top Management motivate me a lot. Also the fact that I act as a tool and a connecting bridge between the poor & needy students and Kaar Arakattalai and getting them educational scholarships fascinate me a lot.

What’s your mantra to stay at the top of your game?

My life mantra ‘believing in my ability and performing my role to perfection within my capacity’ motivates me & help me to stay focussed, always.

What are the two pieces of advice you would give to aspiring Kaarians?

(a) Do what your conscience tells you……always and believe in your ability
(b) Only your deeds, performed in a honest and dedicated way, will bring you laurels and nothing else.