Amudha Shankar

Could you tell me about yourself?

I am a passionate HR professional/Talent specialist specializing identifying right talent to suitable jobs. I do have an eye and ear for recognizing talent when I see it.

Your Work-life Balance (your hobbies, extra activities. etc.)

While everyone’s situation is unique, one of the common theme is to create boundaries in your life that only you can determine. I try to strike a balance between spending time for professional responsibilities and equally spending time with my family, engaging with my daughter, and in spare time i do some craft work,

How do you feel after working for Kaar Tech?

Very good organization to work for SAP aspirants/consultants, who wish to elevate their professional career to greater heights. Transparent management, support systems and endless opportunities within the organization makes it appropriate for professionals at any stage of their career.

What makes Kaar Tech Unique in your perspective?

People Centric approach, Transparency & Candidness in Communication at its core makes Kaar Tech prominent

Favourite memory of being a Kaarian?

The entire tenure with Kaar Tech has given me a lot of fond memories, I vividly recall the early days of my journey, joining as a graduate just out of university and gradually evolving myself as a seasoned professional. More than a decade later I have witnessed myself growing along with the organization both professionally and personally.
A proud Kaarian to say this!!!

What motivates you to stay productive?

My Passion towards work with Never Give Up attitude

What’s your mantra to stay at the top of your game?

Dedication & Commitment

What are the two pieces of advice you would give to aspiring Kaarians?

Believe in your abilities, Be Committed, and trust in the principles that are at the core of Kaar Tech and one can see themselves scaling heights in the organization