It is clear now that companies are realizing the benefits of cloud solutions (SAP S/4HANA Cloud), which include greater agilityscalabilitylower costsfaster ROI, and more opportunities for innovation – all of which are factors that fuel business growth and enable companies to keep pace with the digital economy. Above all,

The question for them is not whether to implement a cloud solution, but when and how will it be carried out.  

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The SAP Activate innovation adoption framework expedites SAP S/4HANA implementations throughout the customer lifecycle. It has a consistent, agile methodology for any deployment type – cloud or hybrid. SAP Activate also offers ready-to-run digitized business and technology processes and guided configuration. This methodology of future innovations also helps in reducing the total cost of implementation by streamlining and accelerating implementation projects. Likewise, this methodology supports the four phases of implementation – prepare, explore, realize, and deploy. Below is a brief description of the key activities in each phase. 

Phase one: PREPARE  

The project – initiated and planned, including quality and risk plans.

The system environment – set up, including best practices with ready-to-run processes. 

Phase two: EXPLORE  

Initial cloud starter system – set up, including the model company and best practices content.

SAP and customer teams use fit-to-standard workshops to identify the configuration and extensions that best meet the customer’s requirements 

Phase three: REALIZE  

Configuration and build activities – performed using self-service UIs and Configuration as a Service feature.

Preconfigured test scripts and automation tools – available for testing.

Structured data migration activities – performed using migration cockpit. 

Phase four: DEPLOY  

Final preparations before cutover to production help ensure that the system, data, and users are ready for the transition to the production environment.

The transition to operations includes setting up and launching support, then handing off operations to the organization managing the environment. 

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