Overview of AI and Sustainability Solutions with SAP BTP

Are you utilizing artificial intelligence to boost your efforts towards sustainability?   This blog is an answer to a more intelligent, eco-friendly, and productive future for your company, so this is more than just a simple question.   SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) stands out as an innovative leader in a world where every decision counts on skillfully integrating AI and Sustainability. Imagine your eco-footprint reduction, resource optimization, and environmental impact mitigation as a tapestry guided by data-driven insights. It's not just about sustainability, but sustainability reimagined with artificial intelligence's power.   Together, let's forge a future in which every decision we [...]

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SAP BTP and SAP Integration Suite: Powering Your Integration Needs

In our previous blogs, we’ve had a brief view of the "Architecture of SAP BTP", So now it’s time to look into the sector of integration. An organization can contain multiple applications, and API interfaces in various landscapes which can either be SAP or Non-SAP well how do we handle and integrate such applications with our BTP platform? Cause only when all our applications are well integrated to synchronously operate with data obtained from various domains is used wisely with BTP’s analytical capabilities our efforts of digitalization will be claimed successfully. That’s the reason organizations are positioning integration as their [...]

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SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform): Architecture Overview

Hey guys, welcome back to part 2 of the SAP BTP overview, this blog of the series emphasizes on SAP BTP architecture. With no further due let’s get started Sneak-peek of the previous blog, In our earlier Blog, we elaborated on learning What’s an SAP BTP platform, its key solution offerings, the development environment, the available commercial models to use, etc. If you haven’t read it yet, do check it out before deep diving into its architecture. Do check it out by clicking here! When anyone starts to build a tool, the foremost activity is to draft its architecture by [...]

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Introduction to SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

Introduction Organizations nowadays need to respond to difficulties more swiftly and flexibly to reflect their competitive edge over the domain. Companies who are motivated by insights deliberately track the effects of their implementations before optimizing through iterative, agile cycles of testing The goal of SAP BTP is to become the single, business-focused, open data and development platform for the whole SAP ecosystem. It enables SAP developers, customers, and partners to integrate, extract value from data, and expand in SAP landscapes with unparalleled development efficiency. Exploration and learning are ongoing processes. That said, it’s time to deep-dive into SAP BTP! What [...]

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