Corporate Development Office

Corporate Development Office

Kaar Tech has always been a vision-oriented firm aiming to reach heights by offering the best-in-class digital solutions with an instilled sense of social responsibility.

Our path ahead is optimally strategized with insights from our Chief Development Office. The CDO team plays a critical role in our organization’s strategic revenue growth. Their roles and responsibilities incorporate providing a flexible, inventive, and integrated strategy to develop our organization beyond typical mergers and acquisitions, with a mandate to accelerate business growth through the examination and deployment of a ‘Triple-A-Approach’ – Alliances, Acquisitions, and Acquiring Talent.

The 3As enhance your business by strategizing your alliances, getting your hands-on deliverables of the mergers and acquisitions and drafting the right approach to find and handle the appropriate talent for your organization. With new strategies planned by our CDO team, Kaar Tech has now started to function with defined Objective Key Responsibilities proposed by our expert team.

What is OKR?

OKR is a Goal Management Framework that helps employees across all levels of the organization set goals more effectively, prioritize their tasks more efficiently and understand how they contribute to the overall growth and development of the organization.

Our OKR-driven performance has yielded the following benefits:

  • A result-and-value-oriented culture
  • Autonomy to the teams in terms of Goal Management
  • Prioritizing tasks more efficiently
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction
  • Enhanced organizational performance and revenue

We are proud to announce that Kaar Tech is one among the very few world-class business players to effectively implement and enjoy the benefits of the OKR strategy. In every facet of our interaction, we optimally deliver pride, joy, and accomplishment not only to customers, vendors, and stakeholders but also to every Kaarian in the organization.


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