Path For Students

Path For Students

Getting a job right out of college
is a dream for many people.

With the right opportunities and the right timing, you’ll get that job you’ve always wanted. At Kaar Tech, we provide students with an exclusive 2 Year Internship Program during their Graduate Degree. During their internship, they assimilate information about the organization, upskill themselves and align with our corporate culture. In doing so, when students are onboarded as full-time employees, they are automatically considered as Mentors for the next batch of Freshers. Additionally, students are provided with SAP Technical and Functional training right off the bat and are given parallel Internship Projects once their required training is completed. Completion Certificates will be provided to successful Interns (based on the marks scored throughout the Internship) who will then be deployed in real time projects. Not only are the Interns thoroughly trained when onboarded, candidates are also able to familiarize themselves with corporate culture and the nuances of our business thus enabling them to contribute more significantly to organizational growth.

Following their internship, students will be provided with a clear career roadmap and an overview of the various certification programs they will have to undergo. Our ultimate focus is on upskilling or reskilling our new campus hires so that they can perform at their best and align more effectively with our organization.


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