SAP solution lets you go digital, transform your organization, and increase productivity. But it isn’t just about supporting new functionality and infrastructure. It’s about creating a stable digital core to foster innovation and drive continuous application and process improvements with a solution that reduces complexity and costs. SAP AMS (Application Management Services) supports all SAP solutions across their full application lifecycle and includes best practices, tools, technology, and expert guidance. Detailed service-level agreements mean that you always know just what to expect.  

 Following are the top 3 reasons why you should consider adopting SAP AMS: 

AMS provides the route to Digital transformation: 

Historically, Application Managed Services was a means for improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and freeing up internal resources. Basically, AMS was about “Keeping the Lights On”.  

But in today’s digital world, spending a huge amount just for day-to-day maintenance and support is not feasible. Simply “Keeping the Lights on” does not provide any transformational value. 

Enterprises today need to innovate, evolve and stay connected 24/7 to achieve better business returns. The AMS outsourcing conversation today is moving away from tactical efficiency gains to providing strategic capabilities for transformation and innovation. 

It helps you focus on continuous process innovation, enhancement and ensure business continuity by reducing the volume of incidents. You can stay abreast of the latest SAP software improvements thanks to our involvement in SAP product development. You can also take advantage of 24×7, 

Scalability and Agility 

SAP Application Management Services supports a range of environments – on-premise, managed private cloud, hybrid, and public cloud models – and help you integrate your hybrid cloud landscape with your day-to-day operations and processes. Services include strategic-innovation and release planning, management of industry-specific packages, business process management and, execution support, IT road-map development, solution maintenance, and problem and incident management. 

In addition, in today’s digital world, application development and management tend to be more agile and faster with higher quality. IT and AMS work in conjunction to investigate new technologies and trends. Thus, it can foster adaptive planning, quick delivery and, continual enhancements. 

New Technologies and Innovation in AMS

Today’s businesses have to cope up with intense industry demands such as high availability and minimal downtime. And this requires intense monitoring and maintenance. It is difficult to gain insights in complex IT environments.  

So, at some point of time, automation comes into the picture. As the pressure to digitize increases, the IT team must continue to find new and innovative ways to do more with less. And by innovation, we mean the next-gen technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), real-time predictive analytics and Machine Learning (ML). 

According to Gartner, by the year 2019, machine learning and related technologies will free up to 30% of support activities. And by 2030, almost every application (ERP, CRM, BI etc) will incorporate some form of AI.  

AMS will also move towards this direction with end-to-end IT operations visibility. The use of AI and predictive analytics brings further automation to enterprise application management processes. From predictive insights to greater consistency in incident creation to self-help Chatbot technology, artificial intelligence presents a great opportunity to improve operational speed and efficiency for the digital enterprise. 

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