Manual testing  increases the required costs and timelines during SAP Digital Transformation. In today’s interconnected landscapes, it cannot provide the agility & rapid feedback necessary for SAP Testing & QA teams during SAP upgrades that involve customizations, enhancements, and add-ons.

Companies are now looking to spend less and automate more to reduce the cost and timeline involved in SAP testing. However, considering today’s complex landscapes, integrated processes, and future innovations, automation of the SAP testing lifecycle is just the first step. Auto-detecting process changes to execute autonomous testing based on business process criticality is the path forward.

A DXaaS (Digital Transformation as a Service) product, KTern Digital Labs, can help companies  adopt autonomous testing with minimal configurations and reduce up to 80% of the overall testing effort.

Watch the recording of our webinar where Ratna, Founder of KTern and SAP Veteran with 25+ years of Digital Transformation expertise explored how companies can rethink SAP Testing with automation.

Here is what will be covered:

You will learn

  • No-code API testing bots and screen-based testing bots 
  • Auto-generation of test scripts based on business process criticality 
  • Auto-detecting process changes to execute autonomous testing 
  • Moving from manual to automated to autonomous testing using one platform 
  • Framework to reduce 80% of testing effort by using #DigitallySpecial KTern Digital Labs 
  • Orchestrating remote UAT and go-lives through a Digital Workplace Platform 
  • Accelerating change management and audits with auto-documentation 

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