The dawn of a new decade is upon us and the rising need of digital workplaces comes with it.

2020 made it clear that MS Projects, JIRA, and MS Excel are simply not enough to help SAP Customers and SAP Partners achieve the desired execution, collaboration, transparency, alignment and governance to avoid cost and schedule overruns.

Tune in to our on-demand webinar to learn about the only SAP validated cognitive digital workplace tailor-made for SAP Customers and SAP Partners. (Available in the official SAP Store)

Here’s what we will address

You will learn

  • Need for a tailor-made digital workplace for SAP Customers & SAP Partners
  • How a cognitive digital workplace unifies SAP initiatives, Business Processes, Tasks, Testing, and Collaboration
  • Secret recipe to carry forward SAP insights for overcoming skill and knowledge bottlenecks
  • Live Tour of a KTern Digital Workplace

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