Abdullah M Lahmadi

"Gulf Stabilizers Industries expresses sincere gratitude for 11+ years of exceptional SAP support services provided by Kaar Tech team. Their expertise in addressing complex business issues with utmost precision has been impressive. We look forward to continuing our association with them for years to come." Abdullah M Lahmadi Gulf Stabilizers Industries Factory Company

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Mohammed A Wassan

"Efficient, accountable and aligned with our objectives - Kaar Tech has been a valuable partner in our digital transformation journey for the past 5 years. Their innovative IP, KTern, provided us with the necessary insights to migrate smoothly from SAP ECC to S/4HANA. We highly recommend Kaar Tech for all your digital transformation and support needs." Mohammed A Wassan PSI

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Muhammad Alam

"We're nearing the end of our performance evaluation at SGS, and I can confidently say that KaarTech has been outstanding. Their management and team deserve a perfect score of 100/100 for their exceptional efforts. Thank you, KaarTech, for your unwavering commitment to excellence!" Muhammad Alam SGS

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Mostafa Motawea

Kaar Tech's AMS support has been outstanding. Their team is highly responsive and always goes above and beyond to solve any issues we encounter. I truly appreciate their attention to detail and dedication to ensuring that our needs are met. Thank you, Kaar Tech, for providing exceptional support for our business! Mostafa Motawea Abyat

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Majed Hamoh

"Joining Kaar Tech's digital support journey was a great experience! Their knowledgeable and responsive team made it easy for us to stay connected and get the support we needed. As one of the biggest O&M services companies, we needed an experienced and flexible partner, and Kaar Tech exceeded our expectations. With transparent management and a structured approach, their team delivered on time and ensured a successful partnership. Highly recommended!" Majed Hamoh Nomac

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Shaik Nabeel Sufyan

Thank you for your unwavering support and availability, which has made you a dependable ally to my organization. Your calm and patient approach in resolving project deadlocks is greatly appreciated. I look forward to continued collaboration with you in the future. Shaik Nabeel Sufyan Alraya

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Mohammad Apsar

After 12 years of working with Kaar, I highly recommend them for any digital transformation and support needs. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive, and always on time. As one of the biggest manufacturing companies, NAFCEL found Kaar to be an experienced and flexible partner. Kaar's management is easy to reach and transparent, making for an excellent journey. Their structured approach and governance is a key factor in their success. Mohammad Apsar Nafcel

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Majed Hamoh

As a satisfied client of Kaar for the past 2.5 years, I highly recommend them for support needs. Kaar's knowledgeable team and easy accessibility make them a great partner. NOMAC, one of the largest O&M companies, found Kaar to be an experienced and flexible partner with a structured approach to governance. Their responsiveness and timely delivery were impressive, making our journey with them a success. Majed Hamoh Nomac

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Mohammed Sibgathullah Khan

For the past 9 years, I have relied on Kaar Tech for my EHSM & MOC support needs and I couldn't be happier with their service. From the start, their team was easy to reach and always ready to lend a hand. Their knowledge and expertise in the SAP software's are top-notch, which gave me peace of mind that my team and I were in good hands. Compared to other organizations I've worked with, Kaar Tech stands out as one of the best. They were always responsive and punctual, which is critical when you're on a tight deadline. Additionally, their [...]

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Abdullah Mohammed Mohammad Lahmadi

We would like to thank each member of the offshore team and the Kaar Tech management for the continuous support and for this amazing business and professional relationship. Abdullah Mohammed Mohammad Lahmadi Senior IT Engineer, Gulf Stabilizers Industries 

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