In today’s highly competitive society, the desire to succeed is overwhelming which increased the tendency of forgetting their work-life among employees. In order to enforce the importance of the work-life balance and provide a space for them to excel and explore their passion, employers are continuously looking for strategies that will help them overcome the ill effects of losing the proper balance of work-life.

Any organization’s wellness is dependent on the well-being of its personnel, hence they are focused on providing an environment that always explores and brings out the best in their employees. Let’s understand the role of sports in the corporate world;

What role does sports play in the “World of Corporates”? 

Sports Tournaments: A tool to reduce stress  

We all know that Physical activity is inevitably fun, it will assist employers to spread happiness among their personnel and their coworkers. Any kind of group activity that includes team play and physical exercise has proven to reduce stress and reduce workplace conflicts as they encourage a relaxed and proactive attitude, which is the employer mentality every corporate wishes for.

Employers can ensure that stress levels and office tensions are reduced by planning various activities for their employees throughout the annum. It also acts as a bridge to engage your recruits with their colleagues and become a member of the community.

Sports Tournaments: A tool to improve team spirit 

Team sports tend to improvise communication, problem-solving, and the ability to understand and react appropriately in various scenarios to bring home victory. This “collective effort” will motivate everyone to work toward common goals and foster a sense of community.  By using sports as a tool to learn teamwork, you provide your employees the opportunity to exercise the above-mentioned abilities and incorporate in their day-to-day life. This helps employees to concentrate on an enjoyable experiment that aids in the development of personal connections, communication skills, and a greater awareness of their potential.

Sports Tournaments: A tool to infuse healthy competition 

Sport at work can inspire individuals to perform at their highest level. Healthy competition motivates workers to perform better, challenges them to succeed, and rewards them for doing so. The challenge for business owners is to handle this competitiveness in a way that benefits both the company’s staff and its bottom line.

Tournaments create a healthy competitive environment that motivates everyone to work better, which also improves the performance of every single person in the team. After the event, there will still be a faint “game” vibe, but the division’s overall output quality will grow exponentially. This gives employees a chance to socialize together even when there are no tasks or deadlines, bringing that sense of camaraderie into regular workday activities.

Benefits you gain from organizing sports events: 

The importance of sports tournaments is currently increasing as more employees are working remotely. Employees will continue to feel attached to each other even when they are geographically separated if they have the opportunity to work as a team, feel successful and get rewarded. They eventually look upon various methods to connect outside the boundary of work. The advantages of using sports competitions to foster teamwork are outlined below:

  • Ensures your employees with a secure space in which they can experiment with something new and grow as team players.
  • Removes any frustration or failure-related worry by allowing them to focus just on cooperating as effectively as they can.
  • Encourages everyone to collaborate with one another in order to achieve a common objective as a community.
  • Boosts healthy competition inside your own organization to improve performance across the board.
  • Allows the development of strong bonds between your staff will help them through difficult situations and give you a more consistent performance over time.
  • You can have fun with your employees and assist them in reducing tensions at work.

How Kaar Tech endorses Sports Events for Kaarians?

Kaar Tech immensely focuses on creating memories to exchange happy grins and cheering for each Kaarian to remember every event conducted fondly forever, our motto is to provide a healthy, fit, and happy workplace for every Kaarian!

Sports opens the door for establishing a holistic employee wellness program.  Such events provide employees with a relaxing day full of excitement and pleasure. It’s ideal for team building among your personnel and fosters healthy competition and friendly forces bringing your workforce together. Abiding by our motto Kaar Tech has conducted various sports events:

  • Kaar Sports Day
  • Cricket Tournaments
  • Carrom Tournaments
  • Badminton tournaments
  • Ping-Pong challenges (Table Tennis)
  • Marathons
  • Walkathon
  • Fit4Kaar – Fitness forerunner program