A holistic business transformation entails a company’s whole culture and philosophy being altered. It’s about rethinking your business processes and implementing new technology to find new methods to manage your company and remain ahead of the competition.

RISE with SAP is a bundled product that includes a thorough transformation to the Intelligent Enterprise on your terms and on your schedule.

Guessing the ideal fit

Customers who wish to transform their existing traditional system into SAP modular Cloud ERP (Subscription-based licenses) and optimize their business operations outside of the firm could use RISE with SAP. It’s for people who wish to include RPA or AI into their procedures. RISE with SAP is an excellent alternative if you want a single contract and set of SLAs.

Another major advantage is that SAP is likely to agree to include shelf ware in a RISE with SAP contract. It may be feasible to considerably minimize contract waste in some instances. Last but not least, it is beneficial for integrating and exchanging data between hybrid cloud systems.

RISE with SAP is for enterprises who aim to:

  • Automate procedures with RPA or Intelligent systems
  • Connect and share data between hybrid cloud settings
  • Optimize their business operations outside the firm
  • Migrate to SAP Modular Cloud ERP (Subscription-based license)

New clients, as well as current customers, may utilize RISE with SAP, regardless of their company’s size, industry, or where they are in their transition. The RISE with SAP initiative is basically, for the following types of customers;

  • Existing SAP ECC and S/4HANA customers (with or without a maintenance contract)
  • New-to-ERP customers

Either of the above-mentioned type of organization can utilize the below factors to decide whether RISE with SAP is their ideal fit for digital transformation;

The first is a hyper scaler’s degree of involvement. RISE may not be ideal for you if you have a large corporate expenditure with a hyper scaler. But, if you’re a multi-cloud user and want to spread your spending, RISE with SAP is a good option.

The second factor is the SAP version you’re using. RISE with SAP will be incremental for your organization if you are running the newest version of S/4HANA. On the other hand, if you’re using SAP ECC 6.0 EHP4, you can combine 15 years of innovation in your RISE contract.

Finally, consider how much shelf-ware you have. The more shelf-ware you have, the better: you can utilize the existing shelfware to drive your business and save cost.

After drafting your fit for RISE, it’s time to plan your transformation strategy through RISE with SAP;

Witness your path of transformation

Imagine yourself as a marathon runner, to begin your journey you must set goals, define a route, carry the required prime requisite, and train yourself enough to reach the destination. Now you are asked to go on a journey towards digital transformation for your company.

Our specialists will guide and train you for the marathon, they’ll assist you with useful tools, and provide best-in-class solutions so that you may succeed in your business’s digital transformation.

  •  Define your goals: Begin your journey by defining the goals and the need for transition.
  • Look through the possibilities: Determine the best method for your business and gain its expertise.
  • Choose the best: The goal of altitude training is to select the finest tools for your firm.
  • Begin your journey: At this time, we put your unique future goals into action.

Add your SAP expertise in the journey 

Any firm interested in RISE with SAP may get started with the solution since SAP provides the precise business solutions featured with RISE with SAP, businesses may work with a hyper scaler and systems integrator to gain customized implementation and administration assistance.

 Consulting Firms  There are a number of systems integration firms that have collaborated with SAP for RISE with SAP deployments. Kaar Tech is one of them and has been recognized by SAP for the same on multiple occasions.

Resellers  SAP has a large network of partners, with thousands of them having proved SAP experience. Rather than working directly with SAP, clients may engage with these resale partners to get SAP up and running and tailor the service to match their needs.

Software Partners  Currently, RISE with SAP may be hosted on Microsoft, Google, AWS, and Alibaba, but there is an opportunity for other private cloud hosts to join, including AWS and Alibaba, who have experience of hosting the SAP S/4HANA Cloud instances.

Optimize your digital pathway

 RISE with SAP for existing customers – This covers the transformation journey for the existing SAP ECC. They are provided with the following alternative paths to move from ECC to the cloud-based ERP:

  1. Status quo – Conversion of ECC OP to S/4HANA On-Premise version. Note that the hardware and working device might also be upgraded so that HANA and Linux abilities can be required to function S/4HANA On-Premise version.
  2. Lift and Shift – This might be an intermediate answer for those who’re upgrading from ECC model to SAP S/4HANA On-Premise model, however, everything is done withinside the infrastructure of a hyperscaler (IaaS).
  3. RISE with SAP Public Cloud (ES) – Shift far from the on-premise version in favor of the SaaS version, with a subscription to RISE with SAP Public.
  4. RISE with SAP Private – Shift far from the on-premise version in favor of the SaaS version, with a subscription to RISE with SAP Private.

RISE with SAP for those who newly opt for an ERP system: Today, a brand-new customer who wish to opt for SAP to manage their ERP system with intelligence can utilize the 3 alternatives provided for S/4HANA transition:

  1. Purchase an on-premise (OP) license and deployment as it has its very own infrastructure, or have it hosted with the aid of using a hyperscaler of your choice.
  2. S/4HANA Public Cloud (ES) SaaS model – Subscribe to this through a RISE with SAP subscription and use a performing, modern and standardized model of the ERP.
  3. S/4HANA Private SaaS mode – Subscribe to this through a RISE with SAP subscription and take gain of the on-premise model, despite the fact that hosted with the aid of using a hyperscaler and controlled with the aid of using SAP.

Experience the value driven perks

  • Cost-effective: Customers may subscribe to a single subscription package. When compared to the license and maintenance expenses of separate products and services, it lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 20%.
  • Premium Value: Shares access to several breakthrough technologies that come with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platforms, providing clients with greater business value.
  • Business Network: Customers can decide and connect with their suppliers, trading partners, hyper scalers, building blocks, and timeframes using RISE with SAP’s business network.
  • Streamlining the Journey: Procurement and vendor management are simplified by utilizing a single point of contact and a single contract for the full business transformation.
  • Removes limitation: Customers with SAP enterprise support and cloud editions can use CALM (SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management) on the public cloud without incurring additional maintenance and operations charges.  
  • Rapid deployment: Businesses might see a two-month or more acceleration in their business transformation path towards the intelligent enterprise.

RISE with SAP is a single-contract, single-vendor option for both your infrastructure and SAP solutions that takes our clients on a multi-pattern journey to the Intelligent Enterprise. Make sure to choose the best path with the help of SAP expertise to enjoy the perks of the intelligent enterprise.

Do get in touch with us to know more about your transformation journey through RISE with SAP!