Because of digital disruption, every automotive sector has witnessed a significant change in business patterns and has begun to adapt to the digital platform, in order to compete with the global market. RISE with SAP’s intelligent business suite is intended to transform the automotive industry.

The automotive industry aims to produce innovative and connected products, construct a digital supply chain, engage a changing workforce, put the customer first, and evolve new business models and mobility services by utilizing intelligent technologies. The strategic priorities identified for the automotive industry are listed below;

  • Innovating integrated product lifecycle designs
  • End-to-end supply chain integration
  • Creating intelligent machines
  • The cycle of customer-centric development

RISE with SAP focuses on covering the entire digital transformation process, from developing digital innovation to implementing those plans using industry best practices and maximizing resources for diverse deployment goals. SAP’s Automotive Industry 4.0 initiatives enable businesses to:

  • To create Intelligent Products that are intended to monitor and optimize performance over time while fulfilling the specific and unique requirements of our clients.
  • To construct Intelligent Factories that leverage data and intelligence to function as autonomously as feasible while delivering mass-produced and customized items at scale.
  • To make use of Intelligent Assets that are linked to each and every process and are dynamically maintained.
  • To Empower People by providing them with the tools and knowledge they require to achieve their best job.

Though the automotive industries are highly benefitted through SAP’s intelligent enterprise solution, it’s important to know what the automotive industries think about their digital transformation guided by SAP,

Automotive Industry views on Digital Transformation:

  • To forecast outcomes for design, service, safety, and operations; 79% of automotive industries believe it is critical to gather and analyze vehicle data.
  • To minimize supply interruptions, 76% of automotive industries believe it is critical to establish a digitally linked supply chain.
  • Customers’ preferences are crucial to 79% of automotive companies, who subsequently supply the products and services that customers want.
  • Predicting asset failure, determining the cause, and recommending the optimal maintenance plan are all critical to 76% of automotive industries.
  • Predicting driver demands and delivering suitable networked mobility services, such as fuel, parking, navigation, and commerce, directly to a car, is vital to 60% of automotive industries.

(Note: Data was taken from SAP’s statistics)

Now we do have a clear-cut view of the provider’s offering and the implementer’s requisites; well how do we blend them?

Wait a minute!

Before jumping in, we should also know what the automotive industry is planning for the sustainable industry 4.0 implementation in the years ahead with RISE. Let’s begin by knowing about RISE; so

What’s all about RISE with SAP?

Enterprises of the digital era have been seeking to operate their business computations through the cloud as digital transformation’s expedition has started for most enterprises.

Many small and midsize enterprises have already transformed into intelligent enterprises, while large businesses with multiple ERP systems and other corporate applications are still in the process of transformation.

SAP RISE initiative offers you “business transformation as a service.” More than its basic ERP features, RISE with SAP is about ERP as a service powered by SAP S/4HANA, combined with other intelligent business services to create value. RISE with SAP’s strategy is designed to help you transition to an intelligent enterprise running on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, with access to SAP Business Network and services to meet your unique business requirements, including best practices, business process intelligence, and transformation program planning, and a range of industry-specific cloud-based solutions.

Future of the Automotive Industry with RISE

  • EV manufacturing and adoption: Carmakers and suppliers are producing additional plug-in, hybrid, and fuel cell e-mobility, and also EV charging stations, batteries, and circular vehicle parts, to meet demands.
  • Connected cars and advanced driver assistance systems: To entice modern consumers, carmakers can incorporate smart technologies such as LIDAR, ultrasound, and IoT sensors into their vehicles – and through a cloud-based vehicle to everything.
  • Mobility as a service (MaaS) and shared mobility: Carpooling allows businesses to fulfill consumer desire for more value and convenience while also enabling sustainability.
  • Resilient automotive supply chains: Automotive firms want real-time visibility from sophisticated analytics to build more robust supply chains and reduce global disruptions.
  • Automotive digital retailing: Facilitating omnichannel vehicle sales and other services by combining e-commerce technology and CRM data to allow digital retailing choices such as contactless auto purchases and online dealerships.

RISE with SAP equips the automotive sector with established industry best practices, and uninterrupted, real-time analysis and transactions. It allows more efficient processes by streamlining the corporate processes and delivering critical industry features such as;

  • Long-term product innovation
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Supply chain responsiveness
  • Marketing, sales, and after-sales services
  • Transportation and mobility that is smart

Time to look into RISE with SAP;

Innovations of RISE with SAP for the Automotive Industry

Electric cars, connected cars, mobility fleet sharing, onboard sensors, new business models, and always-on connections are all core of the automotive industry’s race to a modern paradigm, driven by sustainability and changing customer demand. You may increase corporate creativity and add value to your RISE with SAP solution by choosing the following:

  • SAP Product Lifecycle Costing: Increase revenues by correctly managing expenses throughout the early design phase.
  • SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud: Integrate cloud MES and analytics to improve manufacturing productivity.
  • SAP Digital Vehicle Hub: Utilize a shared central vehicle repository to support new mobility as a service business model.
  • SAP Returnable Packaging Management: Coordinate the inventories and logistics of returnable packaging of the supply chain.
  • SAP Self-Billing Cockpit: Automate and streamline your self-billing operations.
  • SAP Supplier Problem-Solving: Engage in problem-solving procedures with the help of external vendors.
  • SAP E-Mobility: With a cloud solution that provides end-to-end capability, you can build, monitor, and operate EV charging networks.

The RISE with SAP Value

  • Increase your profit margins by using industry-specific processes and best practices.
  • Intelligent automation across all mission-critical activities can help you achieve new levels of efficiency.
  • Prioritize optimization possibilities by analyzing processes, activities, and tasks in real-time.
  • Improve process performance with real-world data, best practices, and industry benchmarking.
  • Accelerate your success by getting personalized advice on how to use AI to automate business procedures.
  • With solutions for every business and regulatory necessity, you can go to the cloud without compromising.

To sum up, RISE with SAP can accelerate the pace of digital transformation and your transition to green energy, optimize the environmental impact, increase asset utilization, reduce wastes, build sustainable products, and increase compliance.

Own your tomorrow with a guided journey and outcome-driven practices of RISE with SAP, to know more about the industry-specific solution, do get in touch with us!