Utilize SAP CDC to enhance client satisfaction and trust! 

In 2017, SAP purchased Customer Data Cloud(CDC), formerly known as Gigya, and renamed it SAP CDC (Customer Data Cloud). The system is intended to gather and combine client identities, preferences, and consents from several points of interaction. The solution helps businesses grow by transforming a visitor from an anonymous visitor to a nurtured lead by strengthening marketing campaigns and managing customer data securely.

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KaarTech completely understands your view from a business perspective and the questions arising on the need for SAP Customer Data Cloud in your mind. Since most of our customers ask us similar queries, here are some of their requirements.

Just take a glance and let me know whether you’ve given taught to any of the following needs.

  • I want to manage the data integrated into one environment to provide added value for all departments because I have so many systems in my IT landscape.
  • I want access to this large data in real time.
  • I aim to improve real-time customer experience.
  • I wish to continue to comply with GDPR.

If yes, let’s start with an overview of who this solution is for before understanding the solution!

Who should opt for SAP CDC?

For businesses who want to integrate and centrally manage their consent management across many touchpoints or applications, SAP CDC is beneficial. This also comprises a set number of clients and their consent in order to be profitable for the businesses.

SAP CDC not only works well with B2C business environments but also aligns well with the B2B business environments, making it one of the few CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) products that can meet the unique requirements of the B2B market.

SAP CDC is utilizing all of its capabilities in an SAP environment regarding integration with the current system environment. If you’re using middleware with marketing platforms like Emarsys, SAP Marketing Cloud, and SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI), life becomes more interesting when you incorporate the SAP Customer Data Platform. It is also equally simple to use the SAP CDC with non-SAP systems.

What is SAP CDC?

With comprehensive security and GDPR compliance, SAP’s CDC enables organizations to create a dynamic data foundation that continuously delivers excellent cross-channel consumer experiences.

Incorporating customer identification, access management, and consent management software into SAP Customer Data Cloud Solutions, CDC offers enhanced privacy and security for your customers’ data while promoting customer loyalty and revenue through the personalization of marketing campaigns.

Delivering seamless experiences, creating trust, and activating insights for omnichannel engagement in B2C and B2B partnerships are all made possible by SAP CDC.

Businesses can now understand their clients and categorize their interests efficiently than ever before by using SAP CDC!

What are the key components of SAP CDC?



  • SAP Customer Identity:

By ensuring that the data provided by users over the network is always safe, SAP Customer Identity assists us in securing the information of our customers. We no longer need to make new accounts. We can achieve this very easily by using single sign-on and logout or secure registration forms.

No matter on what devices they are using, we can engage our clients through various communication channels.

We can capture important user data with the use of customer identity, securely store that data, and use it to improve the customer experience. Launch individualized marketing campaigns, offer customer support, and establish a connection built on trust with the users by using customer identity as the pivot point.

  • SAP Customer Consent:

Managing user privacy, preferences, and consent in a way that is transparent to the user is made easier with SAP Customer Consent.

With this solution, businesses can adhere to the law without consent since the data is gathered and secured with privacy concerns complying with new European rules like GDPR.

Our clients can see, freeze, or even delete their data as a result, and we are completely honest with them throughout the process. Building trust and loyalty among your customers is made easier with the aid of SAP Customer Consent.

  • Customer Profile:

When we employ Customer Identity or Customer Consent, we collect a layer of user profile data called SAP Customer Profile. Within the SAP Customer Data Cloud administration Console, it serves as a single point of management for our website and its users.

Using this application, we can compile all the information into a single consumer profile and create intricate 360° views.

What are the business benefits delivered?

  • Hyper-personalized online and in-store experiences across all touch points can increase client lifetime value.
  • Using CIAM technologies, you may turn unknown online users into recognizable, devoted consumers.
  • Optimize B2B value networks by reducing risks, accelerating time to market, and streamlining identity lifecycle management.
  • With business consent and preference management, you can increase trust while adhering to GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy laws.
  • Possesses a platform for “clean” follow-up procedures. These follow-up procedures can provide opportunities and the potential to persuade clients to willingly provide more data to the business.

To Conclude,

In the real world, we frequently log in as anonymous visitors and peruse product view details on websites, download a few product information, or add something to a shopping basket without disclosing our identity. With SAP Customer Data Cloud, we can more quickly identify those customers and get to know them in order to convert them into loyal customers.

SAP’s customer data management solution will help businesses turn into real customer-first enterprises by enhancing and personalizing our customers’ journeys while respecting their choices and privacy.

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What are the beneits of SAP CDC?

SAP’s Customer Data Cloud serves as a digital customer identification and access management platform, allowing businesses to gather, analyse, and manage customer data across numerous touchpoints and application.


Yes, SAP CDC is a CIAM solution that helps organizations manage customer identities and access.SAP CDC (Customer Data Cloud) is a CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) solution offered by SAP. It helps organizations manage customer identities and access across different channels and devices.

What is SAP CDC?

SAP CDC (SAP Cloud Data Centre) is a SAP cloud hosting solution that offers clients a secure, scalable, and high-performance infrastructure for their SAP applications and data.

What are the benefits of SAP CDC?

SAP CDC (Customer Data Cloud) offers several benefits for businesses. It improves the customer experience by providing a personalized experience across multiple channels.It enhances security and compliance, protects customer data, and streamlines identity and access management.