SAP S/4HANA is one of the most deployed post-modern ERPs. Whilst the ERP of the 20th century concentrated on the digitization of business processes, the post-modern ERP focuses on the digital transformation of the business process. In this blog, I will talk about how SAP S/4HANA transforms Service Parts Fulfillment.

What functionality does SAP S/4HANA provide for Service Parts Fulfillment?

  • Improve service parts planning, fulfillment, and customer service through integrated functionality for global parts sourcing, availability, and price optimization
  • Gain real-time visibility into service parts inventory across the supply chain
  • Increase the efficiency of supply chains for service parts through aligned, streamlined processes that address parts planning, warehousing, and fulfillment

What are the benefits of using S/4HANA to manage Service Parts Fulfillment?

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing on-time delivery of service parts, thanks to accurate inventory
  • Reduce sales and operations planning costs by increasing the profitability of fulfillment operations for service parts
  • Improve on-time delivery by responding quickly and flexibly to customer demand

What are the functional changes in the Service Parts Fulfillment functionality in SAP S/4HANA compared to SAP ECC?

  • Capabilities of the SAP HANA platform and database that deliver new business insight, such as operational analytics, and complement traditional service reports

What are the innovations which S/4HANA has brought in for Service Parts Fulfillment functionality?

  • SAP Fiori–based user experience across all process steps
  • Proven user interface for Web and desktop client
  • Integration with a simplified data model of SAP S/4HANA

Recently, Kaar Tech helped a high tech manufacturer to migrate from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA. If you would like to understand why they moved from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, then I suggest reading this whitepaper. It explains the business benefits and technical benefits accrued as a result of the SAP S/4HANA migration.