RISE with SAP: Public Sector

Enterprises of the digital era have been seeking to operate their business computations through the cloud as digital transformation’s expedition has started for most enterprises.

Many small and midsize enterprises have already transformed into intelligent enterprises, while large businesses with multiple ERP systems and other corporate applications are still in the process of transformation.

SAP RISE initiative offers you “business transformation as a service.” More than its basic ERP features, RISE with SAP is about ERP as a service powered by SAP S/4HANA, combined with other intelligent business services to create value.  RISE with SAP’s strategy is designed to help you transition to an intelligent enterprise running on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, with access to SAP Business Network and services to meet your unique business requirements, including best practices, business process intelligence, transformation program planning, and a range of industry-specific cloud-based solutions.

This writing entails the industry-specific features for the Public Sector industry offered by RISE with SAP’s business transformation service. Let’s begin by understanding the strategic priorities and their benefits for the Public Sector industry!

Public Sector Industry

The world is changing at an alarmingly rapid pace, although the public sector’s primary duty – to protect the community, provide services, and assist the economy in prospering – remains firmly in place.

For public sector organizations, the term “digital transformation” is becoming increasingly essential. To meet increased constituent expectations for service, convenience, and data security, the public sector must undergo its own transformation. The trends shaping the public sector’s digital transformation are listed below:

  • Changes in demographics and urbanization
  • Digital transparency and trust
  • Collaboration between humans and machines
  • Innovation fueled by technology
  • Climate change and sustainability

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to government reform, there are certain basic problems that all governments must face. In the public sector, many organizations are interconnected in some form or the other. This implies that if one company decides to transform its business operations, the other must follow suit in order to maintain the same degree of collaboration and information sharing.

Hence public sector organizations tend to stagnate without a focused effort when it comes to digital transformation. We’ve identified four key goals for governments run as intelligent enterprises.

  • Place the citizen at the heart of the process
  • Increase the value of data as an asset
  • Improve operational excellence and resilience
  • Make the workforce of the future possible

The heart of Government is built on cutting-edge SAP S/4HANA technology, and it will contain complementary solutions to support fundamental system capabilities. Some unique benefits of implementing SAP S/4HANA for your governance planning include

  • User experience has been redesigned for positions involved in grant and fund administration.
  • SAP S/4HANA is used to deliver social benefits.
  • Improved grant management analytics based on a virtual data model.
  • Integration of hire-to-pay capabilities with cost objects from the public sector.
  • Machine learning capabilities for a better understanding of taxpayer trends and collecting techniques.
  • A simplified multilayer structure that allows for the assessment of changes in fund management.
  • Visibility into budget maintenance to improve policy and regulatory compliance.
  • Capability to search for public sector account assignments and documents using enterprise search.

Now we do have a clear-cut view of the provider’s offering and the implementer’s requisites; well how do we blend them?

Before jumping in, we should also know what the Public Sector industry is planning for the sustainable industry 4.0 implementation in the years ahead;

Looking into the future of the Public Sector Industry

Innovations of RISE with SAP for the Public Sector Industry

Utilize new technology and ground-breaking ideas to build more proactive, automated, foresighted, data-driven and citizen-focused organizations. You can add value to your RISE with SAP solution by increasing business innovation with the following:

  • Intelligent cloud ERP (SAP S/4HANA): Implement a comprehensive, intelligent ERP system with AI and machine learning capabilities.
  • Enterprise planning with SAP Analytics Cloud: Analyze past and present conditions while modeling future possibilities by transforming data into insight.
  • Cloud human capital management: Develop a highly trained and motivated team and provide outstanding employee experiences.
  • Intelligent spend management: Optimize strategic and operational procurement while managing costs and complying with regulatory compliance standards.
  • Treasury management: Improve your understanding and control of complex processes including cash management, liquidity management, risk management, and integrated financial reporting.
  • Real estate management: Enhance real estate processes, conduct portfolio analysis and investment tracking, lower project risks, and costs, and increase income.

The RISE with SAP Value

  • Flexibility — Use a single chart of accounts to provide reporting and analysis based on transaction-level journal entries.
  • Security — Cloud-based technology stack, which includes preventative measures and tight cloud account lifecycle management to help protect financial data.
  • Best Practices — Take advantage of excellent business practices developed over decades of dealing with government agencies.
  • Innovation – Using SAP S/4HANA Cloud and intelligent technologies, optimize and expand finance business operations to achieve breakthrough business value
  • Intuitiveness — With an intuitive user interface and a streamlined data structure, you can get pre-configured reports and actionable insights.

To sum up, RISE with SAP can accelerate the pace of digital transformation and your transition to green energy, optimize the environmental impact, increase asset utilization, reduce wastes, build sustainable products and increase compliance.

Own your tomorrow with a guided journey and outcome-driven practices of RISE with SAP, to know more about the industry-specific solution, do get in touch with us!

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