Manufacturing industries aim to build intelligent and creative industrial machinery, components, and digital solutions. RISE with SAP’s platform provides comprehensive capabilities for collaborative product design, development, and configuration by supporting specific order needs, improving product safety and compliance, extending product lifecycles, and more.

The digital transformation solutions offered by RISE with SAP for industrial manufacturing and components industries include the following features:

  • Product design and development that is integrated
  • Insights for risk identification and decision-making in real-time
  • Change management and collaboration
  • Product safety and adherence to regulations
  • PLM procedures in manufacturing

SAP focuses to produce customized industrial equipment, machinery, and components — while attracting and retaining “digital” labor utilizing Industry 4.0 tools and technologies like;

  • IOT
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Process Intelligence

The digital transformation of Industrial machinery and components firms is driven by utilizing the above technologies and strategizing the path forward with the industries’ strategic priorities mentioned below:

  • Manufacturing, marketing, and sales of digital products
  • Supply networks in manufacturing
  • Aftermarket Servitization
  • Intelligent manufacturing

Leading industrial manufacturers are reforming their operations and expanding their product lines. Companies across all industries, from consumer goods to heavy equipment and machinery, are seeking new ways to give value to their consumers through digital channels and producing individualized, digitally connected products.

The value-driven outcomes of RISE with SAP are listed below:

  • Engineering and production work in regular tandem
  • Integration, monitoring, and control of smart manufacturing
  • Management of plant and asset performance
  • Management of the environment, health, safety, and risk
  • Transportation management has been simplified, and vehicle insights have been gained
  • Logistics collaboration and supplier networks
  • High-tech warehouse automation
  • Tools for reducing emissions and ensuring compliance
  • Customer service and assistance across several channels
  • Optimization of field service for first-time resolution
  • Planning, sales, and delivery of service parts

Though the Industrial machinery and components industries are highly benefitted through SAP’s intelligent enterprise solution, it’s important to know what the Industrial machinery and components industries think about their digital transformation guided by SAP.

Industrial machinery and components Industry views on Digital Transformation

  • Smart devices and/or intelligence embedded in products are a prominent focus of 42% of firms’ product innovation strategies.
  • Instantaneously configuring and selling items based on consumer input is vital to 76% of industrial equipment and component companies.
  • A sustainable supply chain is a competitive differentiator for 66% of manufacturing enterprises.
  • Industrial producers are reporting higher process efficiency as a result of adopting technology in production processes, with IoT accounting for 61% and 3D printing accounting for 44%.
  • Intelligent technologies are expected to enhance the demand for services by 58 % of firms.

(Note: Data was taken from SAP’s statistics)

Now we do have a clear-cut view of the provider’s offering and the implementer’s requisites; well how do we blend them?

Before jumping in, we should also know what the Industrial machinery and components industry is planning for the sustainable industry 4.0 implementation in the years ahead by utilizing the features of RISE with SAP. Let’s start with;

What’s RISE with SAP all about?

Enterprises of the digital era have been seeking to operate their business computations through the cloud as digital transformation’s expedition has started for most enterprises.

Many small and midsize enterprises have already transformed into intelligent enterprises, while large businesses with multiple ERP systems and other corporate applications are still in the process of transformation.

SAP RISE initiative offers you “business transformation as a service.” More than its basic ERP features, RISE with SAP is about ERP as a service powered by SAP S/4HANA, combined with other intelligent business services to create value.

RISE with SAP’s strategy is designed to help you transition to an intelligent enterprise running on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, with access to SAP Business Network and services to meet your unique business requirements, including best practices, business process intelligence, transformation program planning, and a range of industry-specific cloud-based solutions.

Future of Industrial machinery and components Industry with RISE 

  • IIoT and Industry 4.: Industry 4.0 technologies, such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent automation, and edge computing, are becoming more widely adopted. These technologies not only enable smarter, more efficient machinery and factories, but they also give the visibility and transparency required to minimize emissions and comply with new rules.
  • Servitization: Industrial manufacturers are increasingly embracing service-based business models and maintaining more responsibility for their equipment, which has two benefits for sustainability. First, professionals can guarantee that their own machinery is running at full performance, and second, they are encouraged to create better goods that last longer and are simpler to recycle when they maintain it themselves.
  • Product innovation: Nearly half of the industrial businesses said product and service innovation was critical to long-term viability in a recent poll. To address the demand for greener goods, large generator and engine manufacturers, for example, are attempting to create engines that can run on hydrogen-based fuel. These items are frequently packaged with services in order to minimize downstream emissions even further.
  • Circular supply chain:  Manufacturers who reuse, refurbish, remanufacture, and recycle components and products are critical to a more sustainable future. They can also be profitable. Manufacturers can model revenue over several client lifecycles and anticipate the future value of key commodities like aluminum and gold.

Time to look into the innovations offered by RISE with SAP for the Industrial machinery and components industry;

Innovations of RISE with SAP for the Industrial machinery and components Industry

Industrial producers must have effective end-to-end processes in place to enable new service and outcome-based business models that will increase revenue and margins. You can build customized goods, equipment’s, and services that function efficiently and sustainably thanks to automation and the capacity to utilize real-world data. ​

  • SAP CPQ: Allow manufacturers to intelligently configure and price equipment and solutions in order to provide appealing and precise bids.
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning: Efficiently streamline sales, operations planning, inventory planning, supply chain monitoring, and supply chain planning in real-time.
  • SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud: To meet changing needs, and optimize manufacturing performance through integrated production execution, visibility, and analysis.
  • SAP Field Service Management: With intelligent technology and a strong awareness of client demands, connect the whole field service management value chain.

The RISE with SAP Value

  • Introduce and supply more customized equipment and solution alternatives, data-based solutions and outcomes, as-a-service, and subscription services to increase income.
  • Reduce costs by integrating intelligent and automated end-to-end processes across engineering, sales, manufacturing, and service to support and validate the complex configuration of solutions.
  • Optimize your solutions’ environmental impact by modelling and generating highly efficient equipment and products, as well as boosting production efficiency and asset utilization via automation and intelligence. ​
  • Establish a digital core to assist process and business model transformation in order to enhance customer happiness, agility, business, and technology risk, and decision-making.

To sum up, RISE with SAP can accelerate the pace of digital transformation and your transition to green energy, optimize the environmental impact, increase asset utilization, reduce wastes, build sustainable products and increase compliance.

Own your tomorrow with a guided journey and outcome-driven practices of RISE with SAP, to know more about the industry-specific solution, do get in touch with us!