A BREAK is a must-have word in any profession you take, and it’s indeed a must-have refreshment for your journeys steeps and heaps. Well, if you are thinking Employees Break Time will keep you away from reaching your goals, or it is gonna delay the your progress?

This wholesome blog is entirely for you, and we’ve also specified what kind of leaves are a must-take,  how to stabilize your work-life balance, and of course, in turn, how are you being benefited, is all that we’re going to talk about.

Let’s begin with understanding the purpose of leaves,

Why does Kaar Tech feel its employees need a break?

In both corporate and non-corporate situations, we are all accomplishing more with less by optimizing, simplifying, and amplifying processes, people, and technology. Everyone is busy, yet mental health and well-being have never been more relevant than they are right now.

As a part of Kaar Tech’s family, we strive to enforce mental health as a priority for each Kaarian, for them to retreat their hard work along the course of humongous responsibilities and complex projects.

But most of the time we tend to miss out on the indications of being worn out and where we have to look back. Wait but what are the indications?

If you’ve come this far, take a minute to think about all the times this year that you’ve heard the following phrases “I’m too busy!”, “Wish it was 24+4 hours every day” and be really honest with yourself about how many times you’ve said those words to your peers, friends, and family.

Post answering the above question, do you feel like missing the stability, unable to prioritize what’s now and next, perplexing the thoughts and remembering the moments you missed. Well yes most of us do undergo this kind of scenario, but we never take it as a big deal.

Let us point out on how your lethargic attitudes towards burn out, impact your work and life on the whole;


  • Unable to focus on work
  • Experience emotional upsurges
  • Feel less motivated to take charge of the challenges at work
  • Making “Be the best” an option in your professionalism
  • Lack of Self-Confidence
  • Threat of Failure
  • Weak Gut Feeling
  • Lack of Goal Clarity
  • Perfectionism and Procrastination

At this point a common question arises, What’s the point of spending so much time on your work, when it in turn affects your professional life on the whole?

Well, too much of anything is good for nothing. This would be the simplest answer possible because monotonous involvement in any activity will burn out your interest and passion eventually.

That’s the reason why refreshing breaks and leaves become necessary for any working professional.

Why does Kaar Tech encourage to avail the offered leaves?

When working on a complex problem or when you feel that you have too much to do, it is easy to convince yourself that you do not have the time to take breaks. However, research has found that taking a break can be very beneficial for you and your work.  Micro-breaks, lunchtime breaks, and longer breaks have all been shown to have a positive relationship with well-being and productivity.

Although taking short breaks throughout the working day may not have as obvious an impact as taking a holiday, studies have found that breaks from your current work-life can

  • Reduce or prevent stress
  • Help to maintain performance throughout the day
  • Reduce the need for a long recovery at the end of the day

Let’s look into the study results,

  • Relaxing and social breaks have been discovered to be very useful. A relaxing holiday can aid healing by restoring your cerebral and psychical functioning systems to baseline.
  • A relaxing getaway can also assist to reset your mood, encouraging positive well-being, and lowering stress.
  • Social breaks, such as conversing with colleagues, family, and friends, have also been proven to be useful since social contacts allow you to share your experiences and feel like you are part of a group.
  • Taking pauses has been demonstrated to help you recuperate from stress, which can increase your performance.
  • Recovering from job stress can help you regain your energy and mental resources while also lowering your risk of developing exhaustion, sleeping disorders, and cardiovascular disease.

What kind of leaves becomes a must for any working professional?

Post looking into various organization structures and notes we’ve identified the must include leaves for any organization’s leave policy. Time to list out,

Categorizing the Leaves:

  • Annual Leave
  • Wellness Leave
  • Celebration Leave
  • Earned Leave
  • Flexi Holiday
  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Compensatory Leave
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Sabbatical Leave

Though the duration of these above leaves might vary, all of these are important annual leaves for annual trips, celebration leaves help us not compromise the gala time, wellness leaves help you to reduce the stress factor after the completion of a huge project, Flexi holidays for the unique festivals of your culture, bereavement leave to bounce back your emotions and stabilize your mind, maternity and paternity leaves to the new to be moms and dads and a lot more…

At the end of the day, time management becomes an essential skill to keep you on track with motivation, and remember it’s never too much leave to avail your offered holidays.

So guys make sure you avail your leaves and take your refreshing breaks to vitalize your mind!

Kaarian’s hold on, cause there’s a shoutout to the release of Leave Policy 2.0 carefully framed for our well-being by the HR department to peacefully drive through our work-life journey. Another interesting fact is that Kaarians can easily avail up to 25 days of paid leaves after pondering on the above sum up.

Hope the info helped you, Thank me later!