Paul Hawken defines “Good Management” as “The art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them”.

Likewise, we all are aware that an organization’s success is heavily reliant on a dependable workforce, that is its “Employees”. However, the direct or indirect impact a manager may have on an employee’s performance is highly overlooked. By default, they have the power to make or break a successful employee. Also, they are those who practise management by walking around frequently in order to inspire employees to achieve their attainable goals and indirectly motivate them not only to show up for work every day but also to give their best every day.

A Positive manager-employee relationship in the workplace promotes employee’s productivity and cooperation. Similarly, at Kaar Tech, we have wonderful and supportive managers who look after all of their employees and assist them in reaching their objectives. In order to foster a better manager employee relationship, we focus on the following key areas:

  • Engagement – We make sure that all our employees feel more comfortable and engaged, so casual and skip-level meetings are held on a regular basis which helps them break the barrier between teammates as well as managers. This aids in providing an environment where the individuals have great mind shares not only with their managers, as well as other employees.
  • Satisfaction – We at kaar tech, recognize people’s work as this will boost their confidence and make them feel satisfied. Also, this recognition will in turn elevate the entire team and the manager will automatically notice their work and appreciates them for it.
  • Encourage people’s work – At Kaar Tech, we have a system called “Rewards and Recognition”. This system was started in order to recognise an employee’s work and efforts. Furthermore, after initiating this system we noticed that the rate of effort required to get those rewards were increased.
  • Celebrating Occasions – Who doesn’t enjoy commemorating events such as birthdays, festivals, holidays, office parties, dinners, and so on? By doing so, we make sure that the barriers are broken down and that employees feel free to discuss everything with their superiors.
  • Feedback – Apart from the above-mentioned points, conducting a feedback survey is a must for the growth of the organization and its employees. Thus, all employees must provide regular feedback to their reporting managers, only then the managers will know their management style or if there are any flaws in their leadership or if any of their team members are unhappy, and so on. Thus, as a “Great Place to Work” organization we conduct regular surveys to learn how all employees feel about their managers.

So, as a result, Kaar Technologies has joined the Great Manager Institute, as a global lifetime digital coach and profiler for people managers with the goal of redefining People Management through the use of strong brand value and technology in the form of data analytics and communities. In this regard, surveys were distributed to Kaar employees, asking them to rate their managers on a variety of pre-determined criteria such as leadership, experience, communication, reliability, and approachability.

Based on employee feedbacks and scores, the Great Manager Institute designed several programmes for Kaar Tech’s managers to better equip themselves to handle diverse groups, by providing them with the resources and training they require to up-skill themselves and better guide their team towards achieving organisational goals and objectives.

And we are happy to announce that this year, Kaar Tech has achieved a higher level of participation among all managers in this GMI Program initiative. And to conclude, the greater the happiness of all employees, leads to the greater increase in the growth of an organization.