Modelling Enterprise Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud

Here we go with the last blog of the series. But willing to know what the previous blog was!! Let me just give you the gist of it. The previous blog, SAP AI Core: Sound-Based Predictive Maintenance, entirely focused on a use case: sustainable smart factory applications and their high-level architecture and benefits. Here is the link!!  Let’s get back on track with our new blog. Picture a situation where your team works together seamlessly and anticipates issues before they happen that’s possible using Enterprise planning with SAP Analytics Cloud model.  What if sustainability reduced expenses and environmental impact and was [...]

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SAP AI Core: Sound-Based Predictive Maintenance

Happy to see you in Part 3 of our blog on SAP’s AI and Sustainability Solution!!  Part 2 of the blog is mainly focused on SAP AI Core Key Components and Machine Learning Workflow. Willing to read it? Here is the link!!  Let’s focus on Part 3.  Ever pondered whether devices could "hear" how well they were doing?   To get you curious, consider these three questions:   Have you investigated the field of auditory-based predictive maintenance?   Did you know that certain sound patterns can be used by machines to signal when they need maintenance?   And do you know what special advantages [...]

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SAP AI Overview and Introduction to SAP AI Core

Hey there!! “Welcome to Part 2 of our blog on SAP’s AI and Sustainability Solution!!”   Our previous blog on SAP AI and Sustainability Solutions with SAP BTP mainly focused on SAP BTP Solutions for AI and SAP Cloud Services for Sustainable Business. Are you excited to read Part 1? Check out the link!!  It’s time to focus on our current blog, but before that, let me ask you a few questions.  Are you navigating the intricacies of your present system without the ability to leverage AI's revolutionary potential?   Is your operational efficiency being impeded by manual processes and data challenges?   [...]

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Overview of AI and Sustainability Solutions with SAP BTP

Are you utilizing artificial intelligence to boost your efforts towards sustainability?   This blog is an answer to a more intelligent, eco-friendly, and productive future for your company, so this is more than just a simple question.   SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) stands out as an innovative leader in a world where every decision counts on skillfully integrating AI and Sustainability. Imagine your eco-footprint reduction, resource optimization, and environmental impact mitigation as a tapestry guided by data-driven insights. It's not just about sustainability, but sustainability reimagined with artificial intelligence's power.   Together, let's forge a future in which every decision we [...]

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