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Maran Nagarajan

Maran Nagarajan

Chairman and CEO

It is said, ‘Guided by a powerful vision, great men accomplish greater things for themselves and society.’ Maran Nagarajan’s transformational life bears out this belief. Giving back to society was the vision that inspired Maran to start Kaar Technologies in 2005. With his focused vision, charismatic leadership and international business exposure, he built Kaar to be a multi-million dollar global enterprise.

Maran serves as the Chairman and CEO and sets strategic direction for business growth. A firm believer in ethical business practice, he crafted Kaar’s operating DNA around honesty and integrity. As founder and chief strategist, he guides Kaar on many fronts including service innovation, technology advancements, and knowledge management among others. Along with co-founders, he introduced novel consulting concepts and set new benchmark for customer service which positioned Kaar as a trailblazer in SAP consulting space. Under his able leadership, the company is witnessing a spiraling growth and is on its way to becoming the most sought-after technology and business consulting firm in the global business landscape.

To serve society at large, he is collaborating with NGOs, civic bodies and social movements on variety of social causes.

Maran is a multi-faceted business leader and social cause crusader. Through channels such as TiE and YESCON, he curates business ideas and mentors aspiring entrepreneurs. Kaar Arakattalai (Foundation), the CSR wing of Kaar, was his brainchild. He is an avid reader, a strong patron of Tamil language and an intrepid connoisseur of culture, cuisine and travel.