Why and how organizations are moving Mission-Critical workloads to the Cloud

For a long time, technical decision makers have avoided moving mission-critical workloads to the cloud. Many enterprises have limited their use of cloud services to activities such as Development / Testing and Disaster Recovery (DR). However, as more and more enterprises successfully run enterprise applications on the cloud—reducing costs, increasing agility, and spending less time on non-strategic IT initiatives in the process—organizations are realizing that running their own mission-critical applications on the cloud isn’t merely feasible—it’s necessary. If you want to maintain and strengthen competitive advantage and deliver superior value to your customers, the constraints of legacy technology are a significant hindrance. In this blog, we will evaluate some of the primary benefits of driving organizations to the cloud.


Benefits of moving to cloud


Retiring technical debt and reducing costs

Technical debt refers to the additional work created when organizations choose technical solutions. These solutions are easy to implement but less efficient in the long run. Most enterprise Data Centers and IT processes are littered with technical debt. Organizations have struggled to eliminate the debt for years. Migrating to cloud presents an opportunity to eliminate antiquated processes and the technical debt that they carry, increasing operational efficiency.

In addition to technical debt, the ability to dynamically scale the IT infrastructure as needs fluctuate helps organizations reduce expenditure. And, by doing away with racking and stacking servers, storage, and networking equipment, IT pros can spend their time focusing on strategic initiatives that deliver value to the organization and its customers.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

By integrating technology into more aspects of their business, organizations can drive new insights and capabilities. This allows them to optimize operations and make smarter decisions in real time, something commonly referred to as Digital Transformation. However, an organization undertaking a digital transformation needs to find ways to minimize risk and accelerate the implementation of new technologies. Cloud services allow an organization to adopt emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, IoT, and Real-Time Analytics. Moreover, all this is done with significantly less capital expenditure and time.

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