KCloud Metal Engineering Industry Case Study

KCloud Metal Engineering Industry Case Study will talk about the business situation of a Metal Manufacturing company in the Middle East, and also why they chose KCloud for hosting SAP ERP.

Business Situation

The client, with its base in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a well-established Manufacturer of Metal Engineering Products and Engineering Services. The client has four different business units and also produces a variety of products that deal with regional and international markets.
The organization needed to automate their Finance, Administrative, Human Resource & Procurement processes across the entire organization. Therefore, Kaar Technologies implemented SAP ERP on KCloud for the client to enable better business visibility through instant access to reports across business functions. As a result, the client was able to concentrate on their core competencies.
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Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Lack of an integrated system for all business processes
  • Functional limitations in the current systems and almost obsolete hardware
  • Lack of proven system with industry-specific best practices
  • Huge Maintenance costs involved in managing the infrastructure
  • Lack of better management reporting, statistics, and insight into operations


Why KCloud?

  • With a deep understanding of business requirements and SAP Basis expertise, KCloud implemented and hosted the complete SAP ERP suite on HANA database.
  • While operating the SAP HANA database in the latest technology and best practices, KCloud also allowed the client to relish the cost benefits by ensuring a monthly subscription pricing (OPEX) model rather than CAPEX model.
  • Thus, The client was able to focus on core business activities while KCloud took charge of end-to-end delivery of solutions


After: Value-Driven Results

As a result of implementing the ERP suite on KCloud, the client experienced the following benefits:

  • Hassle-free maintenance and management of SAP Landscape on KCloud
  • State of the art infrastructure, optimized maintenance and hiring costs.
  • Increased collaboration between different business units
  • Flexibility in scaling up or down the IT Landscape


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