Data Loading during a Cloud ERP Implementation

Data loading during a cloud ERP implementation
Migration of data is done once the Cloud ERP Solution has been verified by your Company. It involved data loading from the existing system to the Cloud Solution. Loading your data into an On-Premise system is often a complex process. However, the Cloud ERP Solution takes less than 2 weeks to load your data. It is an easy and comfortable process for both, the Solution Expert and your Company.

How is loading your Data made easy?

A predefined template is present for the data migration. The template is shared with your Company. The Solution Expert collects the data according to the template. The data is then loaded into the Cloud ERP Solution. The migrated data is now ready to use.

What is done before migration?

The Solution Expert first makes sure the Solution is migration ready. He performs a few steps to make sure the loading of data is done easily.

Solution Testing:

The Cloud Solution is tested by the Solution Experts. The configurations are tested to match your Company’s expectations. This is then followed by a series of Solution Walkthroughs with your Company.

Integration Testing:

The Cloud ERP Solution is tested to make sure it is Integration ready. This means that the Cloud Solution is ready to accept data from other systems. The Cloud ERP Solution is highly integrable with a variety of other 3rd party applications.

Cutover Planning:

Cutover is when your Company starts using the newly Cloud Solution. This is a very crucial time period for the Company. It is very important that the Cutover happens without any problems. Our Solution Experts develop a Cutover Plan with your Company’s best interests in mind. This will make sure your Company switches comfortably to the newly set up Cloud ERP Solution.

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    Thanks for sharing this informative information. it helps me a lot for my business growth and implementation.

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    This is very useful information for me. it will help to all who are running their business on ERP. I had doubts about this topic. now I have cleared my topic by reading this article. thanx for sharing this useful information with us.

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    June 8, 2020 at 9:18 pm

    Organizations are concerned about security in moving to the cloud. Proper cloud adoption (public/private/hybrid) must be done by expert advice; And, most importantly, efficient & proactive support must be ensured by a technically adept team not only for business but the whole world.

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