Business process Confirmation for a Cloud ERP Implementation

Business Process Confirmation for cloud ERP
Cloud ERP solutions enhance ease of doing business compared to the existing ERP models in the market. It takes care of the entire business ecosystem. The overall implementation time is less than 6 weeks compared to on-premise solutions. It is configured for your business process and scales as your company grows rapidly. These processes are strongly integrated with one another. It gives the flexibility to run your business anytime, anywhere and from any device. The in-memory capabilities provide the management to check their business growth with reports on the go.

Project Management

Our solution experts will get in touch with your departmental heads. This will help us to understand your line of business. The requirement gathering generally takes less than 2 weeks with multiple meetings, Q&A, and workshops. Once the requirements are gathered, a time frame is set for delivering each milestone as promised during the meetings. Our solution experts with their experience and expertise in the cloud deployment will give the best fit for your organization.

Solution Design

Our solution experts will discuss the project and come up with the solution design which involves mapping your business process with respect to product features. The modules are configured as per the requirements gathered during the meetings. During this phase, the experts will focus on these points

  1. Time frame to set up each business process
  2. The milestones to be delivered
  3. Business Process Configuration

Integration Preparation

Once the Solution Design is done, our solution experts work on the integration process. The integration covers the below details

  1. Need for the integration
  2. Integration with other on-premise as well as cloud solutions
  3. When and where the integration will happen
  4. Security check between applications during the process of integration


Business Process Confirmation is the first step towards cloud ERP implementation. You can learn about the other 4 steps involved by clicking here.

If you would like to get your business process analysed in order to start your journey with cloud ERP, kindly contact us by filling this form or by sending us an email at


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