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Published 25 Apr 2024

KaarTech is Positioned as a Product Challenger for RISE with SAP Transformation

Learn how integrating our AI-first clean core approach with expert-driven Centers of Excellence in RISE with SAP implementations can dramatically improve digital agility and operational of industry leaders across the globe

In the 2024 ISG Provider Lens for RISE with SAP, KaarTech is recognized as a Product Challenger, underscoring our strengths in digital transformations globally. This report evaluates service providers on their proficiency in deploying RISE with SAP solutions, focusing on modernizing ERP systems through comprehensive tools and strategies. KaarTech’s position highlights our AI-first clean core approach and the effective use of Centers of Excellence to tailor deployments to specific client needs with our proprietary tool KTern.AI.

The study assesses providers’ capabilities to implement complex SAP environments using cloud infrastructure and advanced technologies, enhancing enterprise agility and operational efficiency. KaarTech’s strategic emphasis on AI-driven transformations equips businesses to handle the complexities of RISE with SAP adoption, facilitating growth and innovation in a digital-first economy.

Here’s what analysts quote about KaarTech:

Key Highlights of our Offering

  • AI-First Clean Core Strategy: KaarTech utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline your SAP system’s core, enhancing efficiency and decision-making, thereby increasing your operational agility and responsiveness.
  • Centers of Excellence (CoEs): Our specialized CoEs cultivate cutting-edge solutions and maintain deep expertise in essential areas like cloud migration and ERP optimization, ensuring your projects are led by industry-leading experts.
  • Customized ERP Solutions: We develop tailored ERP strategies that align directly with your business goals and industry specifics, ensuring your RISE with SAP implementation drives targeted results and addresses unique challenges.
  • Cloud Transition Services: Our expert team supports your transition from on-premises to cloud infrastructure, providing guidance on cloud strategy, deployment, and optimization to enhance scalability and business continuity.
  • Comprehensive Integration Services: We ensure seamless integration of RISE with SAP into your existing IT landscape, which enhances connectivity across business processes and improves overall system efficiency.
  • End-to-End Implementation Support: From the initial planning to post-go-live support, KaarTech offers comprehensive management of your RISE with SAP project lifecycle, ensuring continuity, consistency, and high quality in service delivery.
  • Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence: By integrating SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), we empower your business to leverage advanced analytics and business intelligence tools, enabling you to derive insightful, actionable data that drives better business decisions.


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